Expat Diary

And my story of exiting Thailand for the first time in 8 years
I’m not entirely sure how it came to be that I hadn’t left the country in as much as 8 years. I had been extremely fortunate with visa situations and never needed to do a border run but … Read More

I was very pleased to hear that the need for a medical certificate to renew your 5 year Thai driving licence no longer appears to be necessary. So, that meant I didn’t need to sit in the Dr’s waiting room – waiting to get a letter deeming me … Read More

How to open a Thai bank account for foreigners
My visit to The Kasikorn Bank in Pattaya was interesting to say the least in an attempt to open a Thai account for an Englishman
I took my Thai partner with me in case they would ask questions I didn’t understand … Read More

Understanding the Thailand visa run rules and what to expect on your first visa run
Hopefully, reading this article will mean that you are a little more prepared than I was…
I must admit, I was a little apprehensive the first time, not being able to speak Thai, “what if they asked me … Read More

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