Second UK Passport

new UK-passport

Key Visa Company can help you to obtain a second UK passport or renew a second passport if required. The British Government will only issue a second UK passport to applicants needing it for reasons including frequent travel overseas and needing to obtain numerous visas for different countries, a second UK passport is not given to any applicant.

If you require a second UK passport be it a first application or a renewal the HMPO passport office will insist that part of the application you have a full end to end copy of the first passport and more importantly a letter from your employers stating the reason why you should be issued with a second UK passport, frequent travel, applying for visas for different countries etc.

So when applying for you’re a renewal of your first passport or a second application for a new second UK passport make sure you have a letter from your employers or they will not process.

This link will show you the standard process of applying for the UK passport and what else will be required.


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