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Visa overstay in Thailand

Most countries that enter Thailand are given a visa on entry in to the Kingdom of Thailand normally lasting 30 days from the date you arrive and this will cover most foreigners’ holidays that tend to last 2 to 3 weeks.

Unfortunately due to the exciting nature of Thailand and the ambience a lot of visitors forget about the importance of their visa stamp and will run into overstay especially the foreigners that are newcomers to Thailand and do not understand the Immigration rules.

If you overstay your visa in Thailand then you must pay a fine for every day that you are over the given time which is currently 500 Thai baht per day with a maximum overstay at the airport as you are leaving the Country.

Overstay is frowned upon in Thailand especially if the time overstayed runs to weeks or months as there is no excuse to be so far over the date given and the Thai Immigration will look at this as foolish and irresponsible so keeping an eye on your passport and visa stamp is a must and your sole responsibility.

No visa overstay is good but if you find yourself having an overstay and you have the money to pay the fine then do not worry the Immigration officers will be fairly polite if you point out a genuine mistake and just allow you to pay the overstay and be on your way home with no problems.

If I overstay can I return to Thailand?

Depending on the length of time you have overstayed the visa and the decision made by the Thai Immigration officer will depend on whether you are welcome to return to Thailand or not!! If your overstay is 3 months or more then you could face a ban for anything up to 5 years so see professional advice if you are in this position.

Overstay due to sickness

It is very common to see foreigners have an overstay problem due to being hospitalized or some kind of sickness and if this is the reason for the overstay then the Thai Immigration officer will require proof from a hospital or a letter from the doctor that has been treating you. The proof will not stop you paying the fine but it may help you not to get a ban.

If you are sick and cannot fly home

If you have become sick in Thailand and you fear that you may go over your visa on arrival because you cannot fly then there is a procedure to follow. You must get a letter from the hospital or the doctor in English explaining why you cannot travel and for how long. With this letter you can attend your local Immigration office with your passport and at their discretion they will normally issue you with a visa extension for the time needed and please be aware it is better to preempt a problem that find yourself with a large overstay bill at the airport.

Due to financial problems I have a large overstay

Financial problems can occur in a foreign country including Thailand and can lead foreigners to be in a position where they have no funds and no option to clear their visa for long periods of time. It is always best to have an emergency contact either here or overseas who can pay your fine and pay for you to leave the country. If you find yourself in this position, contact Key visa for further advice on how to resolve the situation. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse and we have many years of experience in this field so there is no need to be embarassed.


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Visa overstay in Thailand

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