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Key Visa has well over 15 years experience in providing all types of visa services to Australia for Thai nationals. Whether you are looking for your Thai wife or girlfriend to visit your country for a short holiday with you, or you are looking for a more permanent move, we are here to help you!

The types of visa that we can obtain for Australia are tourist visa (subclass 600), fiancee visa or provisional marriage visa, married partner visa, civil partner visas and we can also help if you have previously been refused a visa.

Over the years we have helped thousands of Thai nationals to obtain visas to Australia for holidays and permanent residence also. It’s easy to find out if you are eligible for an Australian visa by booking a free consultation with Darren, our main visa consultant and Australian migration expert.

At Key Visa we make you a promise of “no visa – no professional fee” so if you don’t get your visa, we don’t get paid. There is no financial risk for you when you choose our services.

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Using our service to obtain your Thai partners visa to Australia takes all the hassle and stress away from you

When using our service we will advise which type of visa is best for you depending on your current situation.

You won’t need to prepare the application, we will handle everything on your behalf.

It is common for those who try to apply on their own to have their visa application refused. This is often due to the application completed correctly, a lack of evidence proving the relationship, or the Thai partner saying the wrong thing at the interview.

Because we complete the whole application on your behalf, you can be sure that everything has been done correctly. We even train your Thai partner on what to say at the visa interview she will have to attend.

Whilst most visa companies will charge you the whole fee upfront, we only charge the embassy fee until you receive your visa. Our professional fee is paid once your visa application has been accepted and you have received the visa in your passport.

This means that if your visa is refused, we do not get paid. So we are fully committed to you and your application. We will be completely straight with you from the start, and keep you up to date with the application throughout the process.

If you are unable to come to Thailand to travel back with your partner, there is no need to worry about them travelling alone through strange airports and getting stressed when they arrive in your country alone. Our airport concierge service can meet your partner directly from their flight, escort them through the airport and through immigration to meet with you at a pre-arranged point in the airport.

Check out our guide on preparing to take your Thai girlfriend to Australia or Read the ultimate guide to relocating to Australia


Australian Visa FAQ’s

Q, If my Thai partner/ Thai girlfriend has been to Australia for a 3 month holiday how long should be wait again?

A, The unwritten rule about timescales when you should apply for a further tourist visa to Australia for your Thai partner normally varies but if your Thai partner has just returned back to Thailand after a 3 month holiday in Australia then waiting 1 month before you re apply for a further tourist visa is a must and the reason is Australian tourist visas are not to be used for residing in Australia with your Australian boyfriend so give it time in between visits to Australia and tourist visas are again all about the presentation.

Q, Does my Thai partner need a medical for a tourist visa to Australia?

A, The answer is for a 3 months visa there is no need for the clearing officer at the Australian Embassy to ask for a medical to be done but if you apply for a longer Australian tourist visa including the 6 months, 12 months to Australia then your Thai partner will be asked to go and have a Medical done in Thailand as normal Australian Embassy practice. After the application has been submitted then your Thai partner will be asked by an Australian Embassy Officer to go for a medical and given a unique medical number which is also used to book the appointment for your Thai partner. Use the service of Key Visa Thailand and save yourself the hassle.
Read more about Australian Tourist Visa Medicals here.

Q, When we get the Australian Settlement visa can my wife or civil partner stay permanently?

A, The answer is yes but there are steps that must be taken first when you are issued with a Settlement visa to Australia from the Australian Embassy Bangkok you will be given a temporary resident permit but not permanent and this lasts for approximately 2 years and after this 2 years you will be called by the Immigration in Australia to make sure and ascertain that you are still a relationship and if this is the case your Thai wife will be given a permanent resident permit to live in Australia with you as her husband.

Q, For an Australian Settlement visa why do the Thai children have to have medicals?

A, The reason is because even though your Thai wife or Thai fiancee is not travelling to Australia the circumstances may change in the future when your Thai wife is living in Australia on a permanent resident permit so the Australia Government wish to make sure that your Thai wife’s children are fit and well before they award your Thai wife her settlement visa to Australia. Read more information on Australian Settlement Visas Childrens Medicals here.

Q, How long is an Australian Fiancee visa for and what do we do after marriage in Australia?

A, The Australian fiancee visa is a 9 month visa and means that you will marry your Thai fiancee in Australia within a 9 month period of the visa and not after, Once you have married legally in Australia you will then apply to the Australian Immigration and be given a residence permit to stay in Australia with your legal Australian husband. is the main Australian Immigration website.

Q, What is the current waiting time for a Fiancee visa to Australia? 18/08/2013

A, The current waiting time if a Australian Fiancee visa application is submitted correctly currently is 4-7 months which is long and stressful time taking into consideration that at the present time the Australian fiancee visa application fee is 84,100 Thai baht so if you are paying this money you must ensure that the documents given to the Australian VFS are correct and that the application is subsatantial and the documents are correct or the waiting time could be stretched to 12 months. I always say if you are going to apply for an Australian Settlement visa or Australian fiancee visa then get professional help, let Key Visa help you today.

Q, Can my Thai partner go on holiday whilst we are awaiting the decision on the Australian provisional marriage visa?

A, It is at the discretion of the Australian visa officer but in my experience the answer is yes because the decision can take anything between 4-7 months it is a long time to be away from your Thai wife, Thai girlfriend which the Australian Embassy tend to take in to consideration so if the documents are presented correctly a tourist visa would normally be awarded. Check out our guide on preparing to take your Thai girlfriend to Australia.

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