Thailand Is Ready For The World Cup Fever!


Do you know that the Thais are avid fans of soccer? They can be observed milling around television screens in coffee shops cheering for their favourite teams. Dedicated fans can even be seen making banners and signs and cheering for their teams! The World Cup is starting soon and Thais are all ready for the world cup fever! The question is, are you?

crowd cheering world cupWhat is the World Cup?

The World Cup is a grand, international men’s football tournament held in different locations all over the world once every 4 years. Countries around the globe send their best teams to compete with other competitors for the title of being the champion of the World Cup. The national teams of 31 countries has competed and progressed through preliminary rounds which start on June 12 this year. The 2014 World Cup will be held in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July. The previous World Cup was in 2010 and was held in South Africa.

The country that most Thais will be cheering for is England

Other than cheering for their own national team, the England team is one of the international teams that Thais will cheer fervently for. This is due to the huge coverage of Barclay’s English Premier League in Thailand for the past couple of years. The Thais have grown to like the England team over time and most Thais will be found cheering and supporting England as they fight their way up the ladder!

How Thais express their love for football

Many Thais have a passion for football and they express it freely. Thais often purchase football merchandise, wear headbands, jerseys and gather with their friends to watch the soccer matches as a community.

world cup 2014How you can watch the World Cup in Thailand the Thai way

Locals or anyone living in Thailand can watch the World Cup with relative ease. Thai television channels will definitely air the football matches for everyone to view, but the views will also be receiving a Thai commentary along with several advertisement breaks. Watching the World Cup in the numerous pubs across the country is also a very popular choice.

Are you an expat living who is living in Thailand?

An alternative solution for a foreign expat living in Thailand is to subscribe to services such as 365Sport and Thai Expat TV. These services provide all 64 games in high-definition quality as well as English commentaries from BBC and ITV. One benefit of subscribing to these football channel services is the ability to view the matches anytime at your own comfort – called On-Demand – the viewer is able to watch the matches even after they have been aired, for a period of 5-7 days!

So, do not be alarmed if you visit Thailand within the next week and start seeing a sea of people clad in different jerseys and cheering for their favourite team. You might have just forgotten that this is the World Cup fever in motion!