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Visa English exam IELTS

The new UK English test for all UK settlement visa applications is called the IELTS and it now replaces the A1 test which was used for 3 years and the new English exam started in April 2015. The test in Thailand can only be done in four cities in Thailand including Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket and no other province. Before you can take the test you must book the online IELTS and obviously get a test pass before you can apply for a UK settlement visa or risk the application being refused at the first step.

We take care of all online and paper application forms and associated letters and are completely hands-on from start to finish whilst constantly communicating to update local and overseas customers on the application progress so you can relax and leave it to us

An English owned and managed company with bilingual English / Thai staff who will help your Thai partner through the entire process with no hassle and full support from the beginning of the process right up until you receive your visa

We are a well respected company and affiliated with the Pattaya Expats club. Our team go above and beyond to offer simply the best visa service in Thailand with additional benefits not offered by any other company such as an airport concierge for solo travellers.

The new test is found to be more difficult and needs a good command of the English language both speaking and writing so if you feel your Thai partner is not at a fairly good standard then some English tuition may be in order.

The approved IELTS tests will include a new IELTS Life Skills test to be launched in April, targeting people who need to prove their speaking and listening skills at level A1 or B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference as per the main website.

IELTS is run by and administered by the British Council making it easier for them to amend the test and make sure that results are given fairly – practice for the test with free sample tests.

Where else can we do the test?

We are advising all clients that if your wish is to apply for a settlement visa and your Thai wife-fiancee-partner is currently in the UK on holiday then take the test in the UK before they return to Thailand and this is due to the lack of appointments available in Thailand and the pass rate always seems to be higher when the IELTS is taken in the UK and there are other reasons too. Your partner should practice as much as possible for the test and consider using an English teacher who is experienced with the IELTS test.

  • The tests are more frequent so booking is simple and not time consuming
  • There will be a test center near your home town
  • Your Thai partner is in the UK so you can give them all the support needed

For more detailed information on our services and fees you can please contact 038 4221 31 or 085 431 0390

My name is Mr. Darren McGarry and I am the owner and the main visa consultant of Key Visa Company.

I have given you my procedures and inclusive costings for the UK Visa English exam IELTS application and you will see there is no financial risk and that the fee is reasonable.

I find that when the visa has been awarded most clients feel they are happy to have paid a professional company to obtain and present the visa application to get it correct first time.


15 years of visa experience, honesty and integrity for both our Thai national and expat clients.


Nationwide service across Thailand, no matter where you live in the country we can solve your visa problems


No visa, no professional fee. If you don’t get the visa we don’t get paid – No hassle, no heartbreak.

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