Showing Your Thai Spouse The Best Scenic Views In Ireland


Ireland is famous for its captivating green pastures and rolling hills that are found in its interiors. Travel out of the cities and definitely you will be mesmerized and fall in love with the natural beauty that this European country has to offer. To make things even better, all of the best landmarks in Ireland are easily accessible. You and your Thai spouse will end up wanting to stay a little longer by the time you have to leave. Here are some of the best scenic views in Ireland that you and your Thai spouse might be interested to check out:

Cliffs of Moher

Most women dream of romantic kissing scenes overlooking magnificent scenic views, like at the end of the movie “Leap Year” when the main characters kiss at the Cliffs of Moher. Most probably that dream of an epic kiss will never happen for you, however, you will certainly be swept away by the splendour of the view. Walk hand in hand with your Thai spouse searching for birds hiding in the crags. You will also find big waves crashing up against the cliffs and numerous small waterfalls dripping over the edges. Cliffs of Moher offer a view you won’t find anywhere else in Ireland.

The Burren

Burren is located in County Clare and is a wide- open area full of limestone rocks that look over the Atlantic Ocean. Local inhabitants, particularly the farmers stack up the limestone to create different types of natural fences. You will spot these fences all over the place. West Ireland’s blustery weather has created out of the ordinary wind-swept look for permanently bent trees all over the Burren. Visit Burren during the summer season and you are bound to see hundreds of heather and orchid species, most of them blossoming between the slats of rocks.

Killarney National Park

A leisurely walk around Killarney National Park, a place situated in the south of County Kerry, is something you will certainly want to experience. Here, you will be personal and up close with natural landscapes and amazing wildlife. Seek out the Torc waterfall, a landmark which is layered and that carries huge volumes of water coming around a bend which is surrounded by lush greenery. Tour this spot after a heavy downpour and you will see huge volumes of water gushing down the hill. A short hike up the walking route brings you and your spouse to a stunning viewpoint looking over the Middle Lake.  For more breathtaking views, simply canoe to the small islands in the middle of the lakes.

Wicklow Mountains

Situated south of Dublin city is the famous hiking destination going by the name Wicklow Mountains National Park. This is a beautiful area to drive through or even walk along the many marked trails. Apart from this, it is a lovely place to have an afternoon swim or picnic with a loved one. The mountains are extra ordinarily beautiful around the summertime when the place come to life with thousands of wildflowers, heather and all sorts of natural vegetation. To finish off your hike, you and your Thai spouse should make your way down to Glendalough, a vast lake that is set in the valley of the mountains.