5 Events Not To Be Missed In Ireland This June


As the year passes by swiftly but pleasantly, there are fascinating things that make you barely notice just how fast time is moving, because Ireland is so relaxing. Serene environments will drown you into utter relaxation and coziness, if not peace of mind. Irrefutably, people can go to unbelievable lengths to find inner peace. While some seek it in different aspects of life, you can find your peace, fun and enjoyment in Ireland by going through this comprehensive list of events and festivals worth monitoring.  Incontrovertibly, not everything may be your cup of tea but still, something great there is out for you!

Ennis Street Festival

So, you think you are an enthusiastic dancer? Ennis Street Festival tailors everything to make use of your hidden dancing talent. The heart of the dance is on the archaic custom of Ireland, which in this particular year splices both contemporary and the tradition dance to depict a conspicuous interpretation of the of the antiquated Ireland culture. Each year, the event brings out the local community to the streets to celebrate the versatile culture as they get exhilarating entertainment.

Carlow Arts Festival

Éigse (Carlow Arts) offers electrifying and vivacious art program that culminates to a celebration, which is a ten-day event. Art is versatile and in this case, you may anticipate strong literary and historical components.

Spiddal Curach and Hooker Regatta

For all family events in the beach, this is the right event for you. It involves Curach racing to say nothing of Galway Hooker racing. Family hangout activities include tug of war, bounce castle for kids alongside traditional Irish music. In this event, you get to participate and compete with teams from different walks of life, mingle and have fun together.

Bia Lover

West Ireland has something to showcase about their antique and contemporary cuisines.  The food exhibition in Arthenry offers quality and delicious foods from various suppliers giving you more exposure to vast menus.  Other fascinating activities parallel to these events include food talks, which is a platform to get as many ideas as possible for your recipe book and share your thoughts as well.

Galway Regatta

The place to pitch tents this June is Dangan, if regatta fascinates you a great deal. Here, you will meet contestants from a wide range of regatta clubs in Ireland ready to compete for a prize. The thrills culminate to vibrant cheer as the events starts and finally at the finish point. Join others who share the same interest this season and who knows, you could get away with creative ideas from regatta.