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Proof Of Life For UK Pension

The British Government or indeed your pension provider may periodically ask you to provide a ‘proof of life certificate‘ to prove that you are still alive and entitled to continue receiving your pension.

This ‘proof of life certificate’ must be authenticated by an authorised person, Darren McGarry the Managing Director of Key Visa is an authorised person to authenticate such documents and is happy to offer this service to expats here in Thailand when the need arises.

If you do not provide this certificate within the allocated time, then your pension payments could be stopped!

If you receive a letter from the Department of Work & Pensions or your private pension provider asking you to prove that you are still alive, there is no need to worry. Simply visit Key Visa, opposite Big C South Pattaya and we can provide this proof for you for a fee of 1000 THB.

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Proof Of Life

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