Key Visa Success Stories – What Our Clients Say

Patcharin and Nathan are happy clients today after they have been awarded a 12 month multiple entry visa to Australia, giving Patcharin the opportunity to spend time in Australia with Nathan and his family. They are both very pleased with the positive – Australia here they both come! Wish I was going to Australia, but someone has to mind all the visa applications, ha ha ha. A 12 month visa to Australia means you can spend 3 months down under before you have to leave Australia, but you can return immediately and start your next 3 months so it gives plenty of flexibility. Good luck, Patcharin and Nathan! All the best!

5 / 5 stars

At Key Visa we are very well known for the hassle free marriage service we do in Thailand. We consider it our job to make documentation problems go away in order to make the special day as nice a day as possible. Legal marriage in Thailand is very informal and is mainly about getting all of the documents correct, which is why at Key Visa we help numerous clients every month basis.

Carl and Supinya had been together for many years before deciding on marriage and we are very happy to be a part of that big day, and proud that they entrusted their marital future to our experienced hands. They are a beautiful couple in a wonderful relationship, and it was very nice to help them achieve their dreams.

5 / 5 stars

David and his wife are extremely happy to be collecting the UK family visit visa for Davids wife’s son. This visa gives David’s son the opportunity to travel with them, experience the UK and see his mother’s life in the UK. These are always nice visas to obtain as Thai Nationals like their close family members to travel to see how their family are doing in the UK and put their minds at ease.

Family visit visas are not easy and are rarely approved at the British Embassy so I always strongly advise getting professional help to obtain the visa. Presentation and documents are paramount to a successful outcome. We hope that David’s family has a lovely holiday together and do some nice sight seeing. Good luck to you all!

5 / 5 stars

Wichuda and Thomas are very happy today after finally being awarded their 6 month tourist visa to the UK. They have had a long relationship but unfortunately were initially refused their 6 month tourist visa. Like so many others before them, they wisely came to Key Visa to correct another visa expedition company’s mess. We dutifully obtained their visa for them with determination, and they are over the moon with the results.

Wichuda will now have the opportunity to meet Tom’s family and we hope they both have a wonderful trip to the UK and wish them both the best of luck in the future. Cheers, guys.

5 / 5 stars

Natcharida has just received a 3 month tourist visa to visit Colin in Australia. They thought it could not be done, and we did it. We’re not miracle workers, we just know how to get things done. Same sex relationship visas for holiday or settlement are not impossible and we have proved it time and time again. Do not be put off by the idle chit chat of unprofessional people. The embassies are not homophobic and welcome people in gay relationships to apply for visas. If the documents are correct they are happy to issue the visa, especially to Australia or the United Kingdom.

Colin is extremely happy and, quite frankly, shocked and eagerly awaiting Natcharida to travel to Australia. We are always happy to be a part of bringing people together. Natcharida and Colin are in a wonderful relationship and we wish them all the luck for the future.

5 / 5 stars

Amphan and Jintinat are great friends in Thailand, and so are their partners in Australia. They wished to travel together to Australia on simultaneous visas… and, thanks to our efforts, they both received their tourist visa to Australia for a 3 month holiday called a “1419tha”! We are very happy with this result because it is very difficult to get two visas for friends at the same time, and it’s quite satisfying when our extra efforts pay off. If one friend does not get the visa and the other does, it really does make the applicants so upset. For simultaneous visas we really have to make sure the applications are 101% correct before they are submitted – there’s just so much opportunity for a hiccup.

They have both had very long-standing relationships and are great friends in Australia and I am sure they will have a magical time. We wish them all the best on their vacations and I am sure we will see them again in the future… maybe for a fiancee visa!

5 / 5 stars

It has been a fantastic day today for Nongnut and Paul who have been eagerly awaiting their fiancee visa to Australia. After a pain staking wait and numerous updates to the Australian embassy the visa has been awarded, much to their delight.

A fiancee visa to Australia is a 9 month visa, classed as a subclass 300, and means that your intentions are to marry your Thai fiancee in Australia within a 9 month period. After marriage your new Thai wife will be issued with a temporary residency permit allowing her to work and live her life with you as man and wife in Australia.

The visa fee for an Australian migration visa is 97,000 Thai baht and this is without medicals, translations, Police checks, etc. It is alot of money to throw away if the visa is not awarded which is why you should always consider using the services of Key Visa Thailand as Nongnut and Paul have done. We only charge a 5,000 baht deposit and we pay the rest so there is no financial risk to our clients and that is how we like it. This policy shows we are serious about obtaining the visa and invested in your success. We are interested in performing our service. We are not money hungry, and we are experienced and confident enough to take the financial risk ourselves. “Pay when the goods are shown, always.” Why should visas be any different?

5 / 5 stars