Child’s UK passport renewal


Key Visa Company can help you to renew your adult UK passport or your Childs UK passport for a service fee of just 5000 THB not including the passport renewal fee. Until the child reaches 16 years of age they will need both parents to supply documentation in support of the renewal of a 5 year UK passport. We can help you wherever you live in Thailand, simply send the documents to us by EMS once we have received your documents and they have been checked we will e-mail you to confirm we have them and also advise you of our Thai bank account details to deposit the fee.

For all child UK passports up to the age of 16 a countersignature preferably a British National or someone from the EU must be obtained to sign the back page of the passport application form and sign the back of one of the photographs, after 16 years of age if the child look similair to their old passport this is not needed. If the child has changed dramatically and is moving to an adult passport a counter signature is still needed.

Documents required in support of a child’s UK passport renewal

  • Childs original passport
  • Copy of Fathers UK passport and Thailand visa stamp
  • Copy of Mothers Thai identification card
  • Copy of childs birth certificate
  • Copy of mother and childs house book “ tabiaan baan blue book”
  • Passport Photographs x 2 and associated forms

In some cases we have seen instances were one parent has sole custody of the child through the Courts or one parent has died, if this is the case then you have to produce documentation to prove why only one parent has supplied their documentation i.e death certificate, court custody documents.

So when applying for a childs renewal passport make sure the above documents are also supplied with the application.

This link will show you the standard process of applying for the UK passport renewal and what else will be required in addition to the above listing.

The current cost of a child’s UK passport is £88.51

Dear Key Visa,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say a sincere thank you for making my last passport renewal (daughter) such a painless and refreshing experience.

We had looked at the UK GOV website and were expecting a major ordeal based on their guides, but your staff asked a couple of questions, made her sign, copied what they wanted, charged the fee including passport cost and courier and said they would call in a couple of weeks.

We were in no more than 5 minutes! Two weeks later we got the call to collect. All done, all correct, no questions or problems.

I’ve been here over 30 years and this is the easiest passport renewal I have ever done.

Well done Key Visa! I will recommend you to everyone.

Best Regards,

Jim Hall


  • Please note once the passport has been ordered we can if you require send the old passport back to you
  • We only require payment once your documents have been received and checked we will then send you our Thai bank details to deposit the fee