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English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. As a Thai student, if you are looking to study in the first world countries like the US or the UK, you will need to choose from the best universities and language centres that foster a great study … Read More

Being refused a UK visa both UK tourist and UK settlement is a heart wrenching thing and most people tend to take it personally and start shouting at the Embassy or sending unwelcome e-mails because they do not agree with the decision that has been given by the … Read More

Q, Can a UK Tourist visa be granted to a Thai lady who worked in a Bar?
A, The answer is yes of course a UK tourist visa for a Thai national is open to all applicants as long as they have the correct … Read More

How to prepare your visa application to the UK
This page is designed to give tips on a visa to the UK which is trying to advise you of constant mistakes that are made when applying for a UK visa application so do not make mistakes … Read More

Refused UK tourist visa for Thai girlfriend
This is probably one of the most common things we see daily from clients who have attempted the visa to the UK themselves or used another visa establishment with no experience and lack of knowledge with the presentation of a … Read More

UK settlement visa KET A1 English test
The UKBA or the United Kingdom Border Agency seem to keep piling on the misery for Thai applicants requiring a UK settlement visa adding stress and pressure to both the Thai applicant and the UK husband awaiting his … Read More

From the 9th July 2012 it was announced that the Immigration laws with regards to UK Settlement visa applications and UK fiancée visa applications would dramatically change, with the introduction of the new financial criteria that needs to be met before they will allow your Thai spouse or Thai fiancée enter … Read More

Some of the Thai ladies that are now living in the UK have Thai children from a previous relationship and the Thai child remains living in Thailand.
It is very common that when a Thai mother has received a settlement visa and now lives with her new British … Read More

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