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British Passport Application Questions Answered

Q : Does my British passport go to the UK?
A : No it does not leave Thailand only a full color copy goes with the application
Q : The Key visa service fees of 5000 baht and 10,000 baht for a first passport does that include the cost of the British passport?
A : No, the British passports costs are separate to our fees and are paid on the debit card form, if you don’t have a UK debit or credit card you can use our card and pay the cash to Key Visa

Current Passport Costs

32 page passport


48 page passport


Childs first passport


Q : When my old British passport is cancelled do I lose the visas in the passport
A : No you don’t lose any visas, when the old and new passport is returned we give you a letter for the Immigration asking them to transfer your visa stamps to the new British passport
Q : How long does a British passport take to come back to Thailand
A : A standard renewal of a British passport takes approximately 3 weeks but a child’s first passport can take up to 5 weeks so apply early
Q : The only address confirmation I have in Thailand is a Thai utility bill for Internet?
A : Yes this is fine and we will translate it for you 500 baht
Q : How long before my British passport expires should I renew with Key visa
A : We advise when you have 1 year left on the passport, or when you only have 3-4 pages left in the old British passport
Q : My Thai retirement visa finishes in May 2017 but my passport finishes Oct 2017 when should I renew?
A : You should concentrate on The long stay visa so renew the British passport 3 months before renewal of the visa as you do not want to overstay the visa.
Q : Can Key visa apply for a second British passport in Thailand because of my work? And do I have to send my first British passport
A : Yes we can help you get a second passport, No you don’t have to send your first British passport just a full color copy so you can order a new second British passport and you can still use the first British passport for work.
Q : Childs first British passport do I have to give all the original documents?
A : Yes we photocopy every document in color and do the translations once submitted in Bangkok we are given the original documents back which we then give back to you so normally within 4 days you will have all your documents back safely
Q : When Key Visa has submitted my British passport for renewal can I have it back
A : Yes if you wish you can have it back until the new one arrives but we will then require the old British passport again so we can collect the new one.
Q : Do I have to come to Pattaya to give the docs in person or can they be sent to Key Visa
A : Plenty of customers send their applications and passports using the Thai EMS recorded postal service and we also use it to send documents all over Thailand it is a traceable postal service
Q : Does everyone require a Countersignature on their passport application?
A : No, not everyone below is a list of who does require a countersignature on the application form (section 10) Childs first passport Childs renewal of passport if under 16 Second passport application Replacing a lost/stolen or very badly damaged British Passport If you have changed your name due to marriage or de poll If it is a standard renewal and you are over 16 years of age and look similar to your previous passport photo then NO counter signature is needed and section 10 on the form can be ignored

Key Visa Company Ltd
565/88, Moo10, (next to BIG C South Pattaya), Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi, 20260

Tel – Eng speaking – (0066) 0810045397 (Darren McGarry)
Tel – Thai speaking staff – (0066) 038422131 (Ann)

Please be aware your British passport and original documents are our top priority and rest assured they never leave our eye sight or side until you get them back

Robert T.
Robert T.
11:47 28 Jan 20
Excellent communicating skills and very efficient staff to help all Brits and Aussies with their passport and visa requirements.
Andrew B.
Andrew B.
07:32 05 Dec 19
I have used Key Visa for my daughters English Passport in 2015 and wife and stepdaughters UK settlement Visas this year, 2019. Thanks to key Visa's excellent services we were successful in obtaining all of these.
Adam C
Adam C
04:25 27 Nov 19
The fee was well worth not having to travel to Bangkok to the embassy and then having to go a second time when the new passport was ready. All done with EMS.
William L.
William L.
11:01 10 Jun 19
Excellent service from Darren McGarry and his colleagues...Due to my UK Passport renewal application being submitted from here in Hua Hin to Darren & his colleagues in Pattaya later than anticipated, my new passport arrived back in Darrens office in Pattaya on the eve of my flying back out to work the next day....Post from Pattaya to Hua Hin would take approx 3 more days....No problem....Darren organised courier service by taxi from Pattaya to Hua Hin that night to ensure I had passport ready for flying out next day....(well worth the additional cost of taxi to ensure delivery....)...Very good service.....
100% Red Pill C.
100% Red Pill C.
09:12 19 Feb 19
If you need to renew your british passport or if you need any other advice or visa service. This is the only place to do it with. Darren the guy who set up and owns key Visa, is Ultra proffessional, answered every single email and question for me, put my mind at ease and I had alot of weird quesrions. Very patiently answerd. The process was simple quick convenient, He even took care of the transfer of my Thai Non O marry visa into my new passport. The whole process cost me just B10,000 that included the cost of my new uk passport, the letter from uk emnbassy to transfer my Non O 1 year marry visa and his fee. Financially It's a no brainer. The travelling hotels food and train tickets aloan would cost more than that. I just downloaded the nessasary forms filled them in sent it all to Darren. He did the rest. Brilliant, proffesional 100% trustworthy service!. I give Darren and Key Visa. 10☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ highly recomended. PS sorry it took a while to send in my review Darren mate. Thanks again for everything.
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