More Foreigners Are Visiting Ireland In 2014


The number of visitors from overseas to Ireland for the last quarter of 2013 increased significantly compared to the same period in 2012. The increase marked a growth rate of 8.2%, which was a positive impact for the tourism industry in Ireland. Visitors, mostly North American residents made a 14.2% growth in their numbers while visitors from UK made a growth of 8.2%. In three month period alone, the total number of visitors from abroad exceeded 1.3 million people.

What the Ireland Ministry Tourism says

According to the Minister of Tourism in Ireland, the government appreciates the strong start in tourism this year. He mentioned that although the tourism sector was at odds several years back, 2008 precisely, 2013 marked the best performance since then. North America particularly came up as the one of the States with a significant increase in the number of tourists.

Cuts in air travel tax

The proposal of making air travel tax second to zero comes into effect in April. Speculations indicate that 24 new routes will start operating to alleviate transport problems in tourism. The major aim of this move is to further increase the number of visitors in 2014 and in the subsequent years. If things go well, the tourism will achieve their target of increasing the number of visitors by 4% in 2014.

Major sources of attraction

Croke Park Classic America football alongside Giro D’tali will boost the number of visitors streaming into Ireland this year as well. These two represent other myriad festivals and events organized by groups that are indeed fascinating and mindboggling. The unique festivals and events in Ireland that incorporate both modern and traditional culture are among the reasons why the number of tourist will shoot as per the speculation of the Ministry of Tourism.

Keeping the positive momentum

If quality service is anything to go by, Ireland will see a series of revamps particularly in Dublin and the western region. Development of riveting attraction sites in both the eastern and southern parts of Ireland will make it possible to establish the legacy of the ‘Gathering’, one of the most solid reasons for the growth in the number of visitors in Ireland.

Overall, there is nothing that should cause scepticism among the Ireland people because they are positively preparing for events with great anticipation for the best outcome. With no tax on air travel, do you have a concrete reason to deny yourself the luxury of visiting Ireland and experiencing the time of your life? Certainly not!