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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ General

How much does a visa cost?

You must pay a fee, usually in local currency. At Key visa we advise you of the application fee and include this in a package with no hidden extras and we pay the fees. You only pay a deposit and the balance becomes due once the visas is approved.

How long will my visa be valid?

A visitor’s visa is between valid for between 1 and 6 months, but visa validation lengths vary. We can advise you on the correct visa to apply for and the corresponding duration of validity after your initial consultation.

How do I sponsor an application?

Becoming a sponsor for a Thai national is achieved by submitting additional paperwork with your partner’s documents including financial, accommodation and relationship status.

How long does an application take to process?

If we are applying for a visitor visa then from receipt of documents to visa awarded, it takes approximately 2 weeks. If the applicant needs an interview at the embassy it is approximately 3 weeks before completion.
If we are applying for a settlement visa then from receipt of documents to visa awarded, it takes approximately 8 weeks. If the applicant needs an interview at the embassy it can take up to approximately 12 weeks before completion.

What supporting documents are needed?

Everyone’s circumstances are different and no application is the same. Our responsibility to the client is to advise what correct documents are needed and to make sure that the presentation of the application meets a high standard, guaranteeing that the visa will be issued.

Can having worked in a bar be detrimental to my girlfriend's application?

The embassies do work with an open mind and her previous or current employment is only a small part of the application. Key visa’s job is to portray the full application.

How Do I Save Skype Messages & Record Skype Calls?

As technology is improving, moire and more people are using the internet from all walks of life and ages. A popular choice of communication is Skype which we find most of our clients use to contact their Thai girlfriends from the UK, Australia or Ireland. But as we have seen, Skype is not easy to obtain records from so you can chat for hours and after months of great service, have no records to show. This does not help when applying for a visa.

Please be aware that continuing using Skype is great but most people are not aware you can download a conversation log from Skype which is free. This logs all calls and chat in a printable form and allows you to keep all records.

I am constantly being told in my office “We use Skype but we cannot get records”, now you have no excuse. Look up Skype Log View and download it. It allows you to keep all your records which is great because with all visa applications, the more contact information we have, the more chance we have of getting you a visa.

Make sure before you download anything free you have virus checked it first.

How Do I Record App Chats With My Girlfriend?

Chat history is important for visas to UK, Australia, when you are applying for a visa to the UK or Australia then recording your chat history is one of the most important things you will ever do to get a visa accepted.

The reason is that most visas are given on the merits of the relationship so both the UK and Australian Embassies want to see that you have been keeping in touch during your times apart from each other showing an ongoing relationship whilst the foreigner partner is overseas and the great thing is it is FREE!!

Technology has overtaken the need to pay British Telecom and Telestra 1.50 Pounds or Dollars per minute as most ways to keep in contact are FREE but keeping the records is more important so as technology moves forward so your mind set should do also.

Keeping in touch with your Thai girlfriend or Thai partner should be recorded and backed up in case you have a need to obtain a visa in the future or even now as the relationship to the Embassy official is more important than most of the extra documents you will supply.

Free chat users like LINE, Whatsapp & Messenger are the most common and can be tracked using the correct software and making sure you do not lose any records, most of my clients use one of the above but do not realize that you can get records of these for free so I have given you below the link to the various companies to obtain your records.



Facebook Messenger

Facebook don’t give you an easy option like the others, but this is the best way that I have found:

1. Go to If you are logged in to Fb then this will open the mobile version of the messaging app on your PC.

2. Click on the conversation you wish to save. This will open the conversation in its own window.

3. Click on “See Older Messages” near the top of the screen. Here’s the worst part, especially for those who have years of one conversation with many thousands of individual msgs. Keep clicking on “See Older Messages” until you reach the point in the conversation where you want to start. If that is the first post in the conversation, you can spend several minutes clicking.

4. Hit CTRL/P on your keyboard. This will bring up the print dialog box.

5. Print your messages

So now there is no reason not to be able to supply reams and reams of useful text records.

FAQ Thai Visa

Can I convert a 7 days extension to a Non Immigrant and retirement visa in Thailand?

For a retirement visa it is fairly common now for people to change from a 30 day visa on arrival to a Non Immigrant visa such as a retirement visa without leaving. This is providing you are 50 years of age or above and have the financial criteria to satisfy the Immigration Officer. You cannot extend the 30 day visa on arrival with a 7 day extension and then change to a retirement visa. A seven day extension states on the visa that no further extension of stay will permitted. If you find yourself in this predicament, the fastest and easiest way to clear this problem would be a one day visa trip to Cambodia. This will net you a 15 day visa, allowing you to convert to a Non Immigrant visa and retirement visa in Thailand.

Saving for a retirement visa – what style of bank account should I use?

You should keep the funds for your long stay visa in a current Thai bank account, a Thai fixed deposit account or a foreign currency deposit account. Putting the money in a high interest bond account or similar will cause you problems when you come to apply for your visa. We know the interest is good on the money, but it is no good if your visa application is not accepted.

When should I apply for a re-entry permit when I wish to leave Thailand?

Obtaining a re-entry permit to protect a long stay visa is normally done approximately one week before you are ready to travel. This stamp is placed on the visa in your passport at the Thai immigration bureau. This visa stamp is designed to safeguard your long stay visa. If you do not obtain a re-entry permit when you return to Thailand, you will find your retirement visa, marriage visa, etc., is null and void.
I always advise my clients when they renew their long stay visa to obtain a single re-entry permit. This is beneficial in two ways. First, If you leave and forget to obtain the permit you have it already. Second, if you have an emergency and have to leave Thailand quickly, you can go and not have to worry about safeguarding the visa.

How early can I re-apply for my long stay retirement visa in Thailand?

It is common to reapply for your retirement visa in Thailand approximately 2-3 weeks before your visa is ready to expire. You should always remember to go off the ink stamp date printed in your passport and not your 90 day report date which is the slip of paper given to you every 90 days. If you need to obtain an income verification letter it is advisable to obtain the letter 2 weeks before your retirement visa is due so the question of the income letter being to old will not arise when you come to re-apply.

I have a multiple entry non-immigrant O visa – Do I just need to report every 90 days?

This is one of the most common questions I am asked. A non-immigrant multiple entry visa, issued by a Thai consulate outside of Thailand, requires you to cross a Thai border every 90 days for the one year duration of the visa. The most common way is to go on a visa run across the Cambodian-Thai border. This will net you another 90 days. This is not a one year extension visa, such as a retirement visa, which is awarded by a Thai Immigration Officer within Thailand. Those allow you to simply report to an Immigration office every 90 days.

My child has been given a 1 year ED visa, but mine is about to expire. Is there anything I can do to stay?

The answer is yes. Because your foreign child is your dependent, and the child is in full time education in Thailand, you can “piggy back” on your child’s visa, converting your current non-immigrant visa to match your child’s long stay visa. please note that Immigration will ask you to show some kind of evidence of how you are supporting your child in Thailand if you are not currently working; be it money in a Thai bank or a regular income from your own country. There is not a specific amount and is at the discretion of the immigration office, so have your information ready at hand.

I have been fined by the police for not having a copy of my passport on me is this correct?

Yes it is correct. Like most countries, Thailand law is that a foreigner should carry at least a copy of their passport showing the details page, the latest entry visa stamp and the white departure card that is placed in your passport when you enter Thailand. It can also be for your own safety. I always advise having a copy of your passport because if the eventuality arose where you lost your original passport, it will save you a lot of heartache at your embassy when applying for a new one. If you call our office, for a small fee we can produce a credit card sized laminated copy of your passport which you can carry with you at all times with ease.

My visa expired because I was looking at the date of my 90 day report – What should I do?

This is an alarmingly common occurrence at the moment. We have seen numerous cases where the client has presumed that their visa finish date was not the ink stamp in their passport, but was the 90 day report date. Please be aware that your 90 day report date does not always align perfectly with your one year visa. In most cases your 90 day report date will run past your retirement visa date. For renewing any long-stay, one-year visas, you should always check the ink stamp in your passport and go by that date. For your 90 day report, go by the date on the white TM47 paper stapled into your passport. I would advise you to go to your immigration office and point out your mistake and normally they will allow you to pay the overstay and retain your visa.

I have just returned from Cambodia on a standard visa run and have received only 15 days renewal.

This is not a mistake, it is a new visa rule that has recently been enforced. If you enter Thailand on a {VOA}, which is a 30 day free visa on arrival, and you wish to go on a Cambodian visa run or cross a border via land, you will now only receive 15 days when you re-enter. If you leave and then reenter Thailand via the airport (not across land), you shall be given 30 days.
This rule does not apply if your passport has a current visa was acquired outside Thailand, e.g. Non-Immigrant visa multiple entry. Please note: Not all nationalities are given 30 days on arrival so please check your visa status before you arrive. New enforced rules can be less of a headache if you arrive in Thailand with a visa in your passport.

Can I open a bank account on a 30 day visa?

This seems to be the trend now in Pattaya. The answer to your question is yes you can open a bank account on a 30 day visa on arrival but you will require a residency letter, obtainable from your local immigration office. This is a document with your photograph and your current address stamped by the immigration bureau. When you have the residency certificate you can go to most banks and open a bank account. When you go to the immigration bureau you need two passport sized photographs and something confirming your address in Thailand such as a rental agreement, hotel receipt, or home ownership information. The residency letter issued by the immigration bureau can be used for purchasing a motor vehicle or motorbike in your own name, obtaining a Thailand driving license or opening a new bank account.

I have a 30 day visa but want to stay 50 days – What is the process?

The easiest solution is to go on a Cambodian visa run that will net you a 30 day extension. It is important that you have a visa run agent check your passport for eligibility before you book a visa run. You do not want to make that bus ride only to be denied the extension! In most of my articles I advise that those planning to stay more than 30 days in Thailand shouldn’t just bring suitcase and toothbrush. Obtain a visa from a Thai consulate in your own country before you arrive, it does saves you quite a lot of hassle.

Nersi Shahidi
Nersi S.
12:38 16 Feb 20
Great serviceProfessional friendly staff.Will definitely use their services again.Highly recommended
michael mason
michael M.
09:09 14 Feb 20
first class sevice and very helpful for all your visa needs .
Robert TopLoader
Robert T.
11:47 28 Jan 20
Excellent communicating skills and very efficient staff to help all Brits and Aussies with their passport and visa requirements.
Iain Moran
Iain M.
10:47 27 Jan 20
Darren and his staff were an absolute joy to deal with, from start to finish. He got my girlfriend a 6 month UK visa and made the entire process easy and straightforward. I asked him many, many questions, yet he was always happy to help me and gave me reassurance, which was very much appreciated. This is an outstanding company and I highly recommened them to anyone who wants a visa.
Glenn Clements
Glenn C.
05:28 30 Dec 19
Competent and friendly
Michael Cockinos
Michael C.
11:31 26 Dec 19
Helpful. Good fees
craig mullins
craig M.
11:37 09 Dec 19
A big thanks to Darren and Key visaApplied for a 3 month Australian Visa for my girlfriend,Received 2 years worth of multiple visas the most knowledgeable company in Thailandalso great communication, hard to fault
Andrew Bodey
Andrew B.
07:32 05 Dec 19
I have used Key Visa for my daughters English Passport in 2015 and wife and stepdaughters UK settlement Visas this year, 2019. Thanks to key Visa's excellent services we were successful in obtaining all of these.
charich ชาริช
charich ช.
16:37 01 Dec 19
graham wood
graham W.
09:43 01 Dec 19
Spencer Sharpe
Spencer S.
02:36 29 Nov 19
I have been using Darren at Key Visa for nine years for both mine Visa for Thailand and my GF for the UK, Darren and the team go out of there way to make it simple and stress free. I would not use or trust anyone else to look after both mine and my GF Visa requirements. Thanks Darren for all your help over the last nine years
Adam C
Adam C
04:25 27 Nov 19
The fee was well worth not having to travel to Bangkok to the embassy and then having to go a second time when the new passport was ready. All done with EMS.
barry payne
barry P.
04:20 25 Nov 19
Very helpful . Knowelgable staff .
Tony Squibb
Tony S.
08:43 20 Nov 19
Good and quick service
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Richard B.
12:38 14 Nov 19
Darren and his staff provide a great service at a reasonable price and I would recommend them to anyone.
Leslie burridge
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04:37 14 Nov 19
Shaun Davies
Shaun D.
18:55 31 Oct 19
Hi Darren, I dont usually do reviews but couldn't let this go without giving you a quick mention, than you to you and your staff for making my visa run to Cambodia absolutely perfect, such an easy process, will be using you from now on thank you
John Martin
John M.
09:10 28 Oct 19
Used the place a while ago great service .
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Jim O.
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Very efficient and well priced service. No complaints.
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Top man Darren!!😁
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Jeremy H.
08:08 14 Oct 19
Excellent service I was very impressed
14:46 09 Oct 19
Thank you Darren and his team for successfully getting a visa for my girlfriend Duangphon, Very professional and got exactly what we wanted ( A 6 month visa to the UK), I recommend Key Visa to anyone who wants a visa done right the first time from real professionals and I will always be using Key Visa for my girlfriends Visa in the future, We’re absolutely delighted 😁
Asbestos Discount Removal 20% Discount
Asbestos Discount Removal 20% D.
02:46 25 Sep 19
Darren and his team have sorted out a new English renewal passport for me in the past, and is now in the process of organising my son his first British passport so he will have both Thai and British passports available for his future, this I believe is very important for any foreigner likewise in my similar situation.I always find Darren’s professionalism second to none, he does a first class job every time and when I get the chance I always recommend his service to anyone wanting to get things organised quickly and efficiently.I am here in Thailand ten years and know after vast experience it always pays to use the best and get the job done right the first time, and to do this Darren is defiantly the man.Thanks Key Visa And Your [email protected] Harry
chris moss
chris M.
02:49 22 Sep 19
Good efficient not easy to find at first but well worth finding
Paul Allen
Paul A.
10:19 20 Sep 19
Been using Darren for years !!! I will not use anyone else the service is simple first class !!! Do not go anywhere else REALLY
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Grahame C.
03:40 11 Sep 19
Good service. Straight talking.
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10:03 30 Aug 19
Great service great staff
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10:55 16 Aug 19
Totally satisfied customer great job Darren thank you very much
derek carney
derek C.
14:43 13 Aug 19
This company were superb. Helped in every way. Fantastic..l was lost without their help..Class..My son is Thai.their help was immense...Massive thanks
simon goodley
simon G.
01:29 08 Aug 19
Great service, very professional. I am from UK, my wife from Lithuania and our adopted son is from Hong Kong. Darren and his team sorted out my retirement visa and my family's right of abode in Thailand with no issues at all. Highly recommend the service and fees are very reasonable. 5 stars!!!
Wendy Brown
Wendy B.
04:57 29 Jul 19
I have nothing but awesome things to say about Darren and his team. I am not the easiest client being quite highly strung i tend to ask 500 questions about the same thing, every answer was met with patience and explanatory info. Professional affordable HONEST service with minimal effort from my side - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL TRAVELLING IN THAILAND AND SURROUNDING AREAS
Roger Pearn
Roger P.
12:12 28 Jul 19
Best visa company in pattaya
Scott Mitchell
Scott M.
07:49 23 Jul 19
Adequate and as promised. Done with no bother. When non conforming issues came up, I go to Darren.
chris marsh
chris M.
03:06 17 Jul 19
Absolutely the best place to go for visas, extremely helpful and efficient.
Dean Weeks
Dean W.
08:23 29 Jun 19
First class from start to finish got my three kids English passports we had problems the English side wanting letters from my ex Darren even dealt with that at no extra costFantastic serviceBig thank you from the 4 of us
Mark Campbell
Mark C.
08:26 24 Jun 19
Fast, efficient and easy
Lyn Woodley
Lyn W.
11:33 22 Jun 19
Key Visa (Darren) are a brilliant Company always very helpful and professional. I would highly Reccomend them
christopher dunstan
christopher D.
10:42 21 Jun 19
Always very helpful and not too expensive
William Lowrie
William L.
11:01 10 Jun 19
Excellent service from Darren McGarry and his colleagues...Due to my UK Passport renewal application being submitted from here in Hua Hin to Darren & his colleagues in Pattaya later than anticipated, my new passport arrived back in Darrens office in Pattaya on the eve of my flying back out to work the next day....Post from Pattaya to Hua Hin would take approx 3 more days....No problem....Darren organised courier service by taxi from Pattaya to Hua Hin that night to ensure I had passport ready for flying out next day....(well worth the additional cost of taxi to ensure delivery....)...Very good service.....
Napas Meehan
Napas M.
21:22 18 May 19
ช่วยคุณได้(Translated by Google)Can help you
Mark G
Mark G
12:57 19 Apr 19
Good job...nice staff
nik bhalla
nik B.
12:19 12 Apr 19
We wanted to get our Thai/English baby son (8 months old) a UK passport, after several emails to Darren I was more than satisfied to proceed with him.We saw him on the 8th March 2019 in his office in Pattaya, Darren is a sound, friendly man, and after he checked the paperwork we bought, we were on our way after 20 minutes.We received my son’s first uk passport today (12th April 2019) - posted to my wife’s address in Khon Kaen.Can’t thank you enough for simplifying the passport procedure and giving us the confidence that we would get his passport easily.Thoroughly recommend this company.👍🏽🙏🏽🇹🇭🇬🇧
Mark Hampson
Mark H.
10:53 03 Apr 19
Excellent Service. If you want a Visa this is the only place. If you've tried the rest try the best...
Marius Terblanche
Marius T.
14:47 28 Mar 19
Simple, easy arrangements and efficient and affordable service for my visa run.
john thacker
john T.
00:33 07 Mar 19
Really helpful for any information being going here for years .
Robert Wright
Robert W.
07:09 22 Feb 19
Darren is extremely helpful with friendly staff
100% Red Pill colourblind
100% Red Pill C.
09:12 19 Feb 19
If you need to renew your british passport or if you need any other advice or visa service. This is the only place to do it with. Darren the guy who set up and owns key Visa, is Ultra proffessional, answered every single email and question for me, put my mind at ease and I had alot of weird quesrions. Very patiently answerd. The process was simple quick convenient, He even took care of the transfer of my Thai Non O marry visa into my new passport. The whole process cost me just B10,000 that included the cost of my new uk passport, the letter from uk emnbassy to transfer my Non O 1 year marry visa and his fee. Financially It's a no brainer. The travelling hotels food and train tickets aloan would cost more than that. I just downloaded the nessasary forms filled them in sent it all to Darren. He did the rest. Brilliant, proffesional 100% trustworthy service!. I give Darren and Key Visa. 10☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ highly recomended. PS sorry it took a while to send in my review Darren mate. Thanks again for everything.
Paul Burke
Paul B.
16:25 18 Feb 19
Great service from Darren and the team when renewing my retirement visa. I will be using them again.
Christian Veren
Christian V.
06:24 17 Feb 19
Bronwyn Hooper
Bronwyn H.
08:20 29 Dec 18
Friendly reliable service. Great value for money.
Paul Ellis
Paul E.
13:32 24 Nov 18
Cathy Rodger
Cathy R.
07:37 23 Oct 18
Darren is a great help. Helped me with exactly what I need without wanting money upfront. More helpful than thai visa express (that Paul just wanted money before he knew the situation!!)
Christopher Walton
Christopher W.
09:42 14 Oct 18
Efficient service. I use them every year to get my certified letter from the British Embassy to support my Pension Income for my Retirement Visa. Unfortunately from 14th December 2018 the British Embassy will no longer certify income letters. No one yet knows what new arrangements will be put in place by Pattaya Immigration!
Neil Robinson
Neil R.
14:58 21 Sep 18
They dealt with renewal of my UK passport efficiently
Carl Furber
Carl F.
09:09 20 Sep 18
i would advise everyone to use KEY VISA .Darren and his staff got my girlfriends visitor visa quickly and efficiently. She spent 6 months in England and thoroughly enjoyed it.Now we are waiting for a Settlement VISA , fingers crossed.For me personally,,,,, too much paperwork ,,,,,,,Darren and his thai staff kindly guided us through this effortlessly.Good luck to this company for the following years.Regards Carl Furberand Lalita Naiyo.
Anthony Plummer
Anthony P.
00:12 16 Sep 18
Very helpful.
mark hickman
mark H.
15:35 16 Aug 18
Ralph Scott
Ralph S.
06:28 30 Jul 18
Simon Gwee
Simon G.
06:36 28 Jun 18
Outstanding service and a very fair price. Darren and his team are very professional and no -nonsense. Real value for money and I would definitely recommend!
Alan Bangaysuko
Alan B.
02:13 13 Jun 18
Friendly polite service with the experience and knowledge to help your every need
Graham Lamb
Graham L.
20:44 28 Nov 17
Very professional and polite service. Will be using them again soon and would recommend them .
Cristiano Volpe
Cristiano V.
16:10 27 Feb 17
Mark Pugh
Mark P.
07:49 06 Feb 17
The best visa agent in the area. Covers the whole process.
Paul Gee
Paul G.
08:04 25 Dec 16
An excellent service, from the owner Darren, in getting my retirement Visa . Unlike some similar visa services, which may do it cheaper, Key Visa has a proper office with support staff etc. , and did a no-hassle job within the timescale promised. I would definitely use them again.
Mark Rothschild
Mark R.
05:26 09 Nov 16
I am an Australian Darren was able to get my girl friend a visa no hassels (dont listen to any advice from thai people or what you read on websites just pay the money and get the visa)
Erica Waichman
Erica W.
17:53 18 Jan 16
Darren, thank you so much to you and your team for sorting out my husband's Australian settlement visa. I am convinced that we couldn't have done it without you and your team!
Therz Ganiquem
Therz G.
07:56 18 Jan 16
Darren and his team are always really helpful whenever I have questions about visas in Thailand.
Ray Cassar
Ray C.
08:01 07 Jan 16
Popped in for some advise today and Darren was upfront and honest with his advice. Will definitely be using for my wifes future visa requirements. Thank you
Suwichada Garvey
Suwichada G.
08:52 04 Nov 15
Matt Page
Matt P.
18:33 22 Aug 15
Thank you Darren and team for helping to get an Australian settlement visa for my Thai wife, Nok and I are really enjoying living together in my home country and we cannot thank you enough for everything you did to help us through this very difficult process.
Rhiannon Caldwell
Rhiannon C.
12:45 03 Dec 14
A big thank you to Key Visa for your help in obtaining my first visa. I was worried because I have heard so many people get denied but with your company it seemed to be easy. Darren and his staff were so courteous and helpful and they were with me every step of the way. Thank you again Key Visa, I could not have done this without your help. ขอบคุณมากคะ
Michael Nordström
Michael N.
06:40 10 Nov 14
Top notch service! Here is finally a company you can trust to get things done. They know all the rules and regulations so no need to show up three or four times with various documents and no hidden costs.
Chad Faith
Chad F.
03:42 19 May 14
A friend introduced Key Visa Thailand to me and I have to say that my experience with them has been a most satisfying one. My girlfriend's tourist visa to the UK was arranged within such a short time that it amazed me! Everyone around me told me it would be difficult but Key Visa really made my day. This is an A+ service that deserves two thumbs up!
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