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Don’t get stressed – Key Visa can do it for you without you going to Immigration

Thai Immigration law requires all households with foreigners in residence to report their arrival at the property within 24 hours of arrival. This is in addition to the arrival card (TM6) you fill out at the airport and the 90 day report (TM47) required by all foreigners staying longer than 90 days.

You complete the TM30 form at your local immigration office or police station in the case of there being no local immigration office. It is recommended to use an immigration office wherever possible as they are more equipped to deal with your request quickly and efficiently.

Upon successful completion of the registration, the officer will give you a receipt similar to the receipt you get after your 90 day report which you can keep in your passpor

It is the responsibility of the homeowner or head of household which can either be yourself or someone else depending on your circumstances.

What you actually need to do:

If you are staying at a hotel or guesthouse, don’t worry they will take care of this for you.

If you rent a condo or house from a housing agent then they often complete this formality for you but it’s best to check with them. You should also request a signed copy of the house owners ID and house registration book along with your rental agreement. This will allow you to complete your own TM30 if you later travel and return to the property during your tenancy.

If you rent a condo or house from a private landlord then at the time of agreement make sure that they understand the rules and agree to either make the report for you or give you the necessary documents to make the report yourself. These documents include a rental agreement and signed copy of the Houseowners ID and house registration. If they don’t give you these documents you may find it difficult to successfully register your TM30 at immigration. In this case, you can refer immigration back to your landlord but it may cause problems in the short term if you need to extend your visa or carry out any other administrative tasks.

If you stay with a Thai friend, relative, partner or spouse who owns their own property, this process is slightly easier as they will usually have all of this documentation to hand. If they are renting the property and have a tenancy agreement, they will also need their landlords ID and house registration.

If you own your own property in Thailand either in your own name or in a company name then your house registration documents along with the required copies of your passport should be sufficient to complete the TM30.

If you have a yellow house registration book either at your own property or at the property where you reside, then you should be able to use this with the relevant copies of your passport for TM30 registration.

If you change address during your stay in Thailand even for one night, to stay at a hotel, visit a friend or family member or any other reason then you need to report at that address within 24 hours of arrival and again at your normal residence within 24 hours of returning home.

Although it is officially the house owners responsibility, the person who will have the most problems in the case of failure to register, is you the foreigner. You can read the consequences of failing to register in more detail below.

  • The fine for not completing a TM30 form is at the discretion of the attending officer but not in excess of 2000 THB.
  • This is officially the responsibility of the head of household, however if your landlord has given you sufficient documentation to complete this yourself they will also usually expect you to pay any fines yourself also.
  • You may not be able to extend your visa if you do not have an up to date TM30 form 
  • If you leave Thailand via an international airport, an immigration officer may check your records and question any gaps in your TM30 history during your stay. If you do not give a satisfactory response then you may be subject to an on the spot fine before you are allowed to leave.

There is an option to file your report online after the first registration, however this is currently not 100% stable and very little positive feedback has been received yet on this system.

For residents who travel often TM30 reporting can become a very tedious and time consuming procedure, however Key Visa can help you to complete this task.

Simply email your documents to us including:

  • Copy of photo page in passport
  • Copy of latest visa stamp
  • Copy of arrival card
  • Copy of rental agreement or house registration in the case of property ownership
  • Copy of signed landlords ID
  • Copy of signed landlords house registration

And we can take away all the stress of TM30 reporting for you.

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