6 Things To Do In Cork City For Thai Visitors


Cork City is one of the largest and most populous cities in Ireland. It is also one of the locations that is visited the most by Thai tourists especially since it has a lot of travel amenities and activities  to offer. Any Thai tourist who wishes to enjoy the city of Cork should definitely do the following activities:

Shop at the English Market  

Those who plan to stay for a very long time in the city might want to bring some delicious goods to their hotel rooms. And the best place to shop for Irish delicacies is The English Market. This is the perfect place to shop for various types of local produce including cheese, eggs, sausages and meat. A visit to the Cork will never be complete without stopping by the English Market.

Tour the Cork City Gaol 

Tourists who find themselves in Cork City should make an effort to visit the Cork City Gaol. It is a 19th century prison that has been preserved with some of its parts being restored throughout time. Tourists would be able to enjoy an audio tour that gives them an idea on the life of the Gaol’s prisoners. Also found in the Gaol are models of prisoners as well as guards.

Buy butter at the Old Butter Market

The Old Butter Market is one of the largest and oldest butter markets in the world today and that is why it is definitely worthy to visit. The market is definitely very old since it has been in existence since the late nineteenth century. Even back then, it exported butter to as far as India and even Australia. Thai tourists would really want to get a ‘butter’ souvenir from what used to be the biggest butter market in the world.

Do sightseeing at Shandon

Another awesome activity that Thai tourists might want to do in Cork City is to do sightseeing at Shandon. It is a lovely neighbourhood that is perched on a hillside. It overlooks the city centre and offers so many picturesque scenes. Tourists love to go there and take landscape shots and even ‘selfies.’ Aside from the scenic views, Shandon also has a number of coffee shops and antique shops that offer great food and merchandise.

Visit the St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral

Ireland is known for having so many beautiful churches. One of its beautiful churches which is situated in Cork City at Bishop street, is the St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral. It is a very nice-looking church built in the 1870’s with a gothic revival style of architecture. One of its notable features is the Angel of Resurrection.  The name of this Church of Ireland cathedral is based on the patron of Cork, St. Fin Barre. This cathedral is just a short walk away from the Cork City Centre and is definitely a must-see for any tourist.

Enter the Elizabeth Fort

The Elizabeth Fort is another notable attraction in the city of Cork. It is a 17th century star fort that had been a police and military barracks for more than four centuries. Markets as well as festivals are occasionally held here. In 2014, the management of the site was turned over to the Cork City Council so that it would be further developed to be a good tourism site.

These are just some of the awesome things that Thai tourists can do while in Cork City. Do you need help with visas so that you can visit or even live in the Cork City? Check out our fast and affordable Ireland visa services today!