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Useful info on Thailand, Thai visas and overseas visas for Thai Nationals

If you are a Thai expat, you can protect your assets by making a will. Read on to know more about the reasons for writing a last will and testament.
As a Thai expat, your domicile status and other matters of residency are some of the things that may … Read More

Whether you are a Thai expat or someone who wants to visit Thailand, you should never miss out on seeing some of the unique cultural festivals that are celebrated in Thailand. How many festivals on this list have you attended?
When most people think about Thailand, the first thing … Read More

Living in Thailand means more than just enjoying a tropical climate with pristine beaches and welcoming people – it also means amazing food. Expats, these are some of the top Thai dishes you should not miss!
One of the great things about living in Thailand… Read More

There are various visa options open to you if you are a Thai looking to visit or immigrate to Australia. Read on to know more about the various Australian visas that Thais can apply for.
There are many reasons why one might want to travel to Australia. Whether going … Read More

Buying property in Thailand is often not a straightforward process, especially for expat retirees.
Learn about the various options that are open to you as you go about setting roots in the Land of Smiles.

Thailand is one of the most beautiful places on earth to retire as an … Read More

As an expat, healthcare is one of the important factors that you need to consider when planning your Thai retirement. In Chiang Mai, you are assured of world-class healthcare at affordable prices. Find out about some of the top-notch healthcare facilities available in Chiang Mai for Thai expats now!… Read More

Same same but different, Mai ben rai, Don’t do this, Don’t do that.
You are in Thailand, loving the weather, it’s horrible hot today, and you take off your shirt to try and cope with the heat, just to receive odd looks from the Thai’s around you and there … Read More

Any place will do, right? It’s all sun, warm weather, blue sky, so any place will do.
Not really, there are certain things you have to take in consideration, being a retiree in Thailand, and these we will cover here, so you are prepared the best for your stay … Read More

It can appear alluring to skip the cold weather in Europe and spend the time in the beautiful sunny and warm Thailand, it might even be a better solution when it comes to your finances, as Thailand are cheaper in general compared to Europe, but before you book … Read More

And my story of exiting Thailand for the first time in 8 years
I’m not entirely sure how it came to be that I hadn’t left the country in as much as 8 years. I had been extremely fortunate with visa situations and never needed to do a border run but … Read More

Send Us Your Passport Application
No matter where you live in Thailand, Key Visa can help you to renew your British Passport or apply for your child’s first British passport.


All you need to do is send the application and your original passport to us by recorded delivery – … Read More

Changes to the overstay rules for Thai Visa holders – March 2016
As of March 20th, 2016 any foreigner who overstays their visa in the Kingdom of Tahiland for a period of more than 90 days will be banned from re-entering the Kingdom.

This rule change is being brought about as part of … Read More

How To Get An Australian Driving Licence For Thai Nationals

While my wife thinks that the public transport in Sydney is the greatest thing on earth, she still needed to drive on occasion, so I suggested that she should get her Australian driving licence.

She was not over keen on … Read More

Now that the kids were at school during the day, Pim decided it was time to pull her weight and get a job and as she holds a married partner visa this entitles her to work in Australia.

But first she felt she needed to improve her English skills…. Read More

As I mentioned earlier, one of the primary reasons for us moving to Australia was the education of our children(James 3 and Jan 2), so we set off on the search for quality education…


The Search for a school:

In Australia children don’t start school until 5 or 6 (depending … Read More

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