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90 Day Reporting in Thailand

If you have a long stay visa in Thailand given by the Thai Immigration Bureau for example the Thai retirement visa which is the most popular then one of the most important things that you must remember!!,

Thai law states that anyone residing in the Kingdom of Thailand for a period of 90 days or more must report their location and residence to their nearest Immigration office after 90 days.

Some immigration offices including Chonburi are now using bar codes so that you don’t need to complete a form or photocopy your passport.

How do I know when to report?

When you receive your long stay visa from the Thai Immigration Bureau let’s say a retirement visa then usually stapled in the back of your passport is a small piece of paper with a date stamped in red and this is your next due date to report to the Thai Immigration.

What if I lose the 90 day report paper?

You must go to the Thai Immigration office and report to them and explain that you have lost the slip of paper and may you have a replacement, this also can lead up to a fine depending on the decision from the officer.

Do they check my 90 day at the airport?

The answer is no at the airport they are not interested in your 90 day report only your actual visa stamp the 90 day reporting is monitored by your local area Immigration office. Make sure that you remember to get a re-entry permit before leaving the country or you will invalidate your visa.

Can someone report for me if I am sick?

The answer is yes another person can report if you are ill or in hospital but you must sign a small detailed note explaining why you cannot report in person also get the individual reporting for you to take a photograph of you on their phone showing you indisposed which will make the Immigration officer feel more comfortable. If you send your wife then they can take their ID card showing the same surname as you.

If I stay in a hotel do I still need to report?

Yes it is your obligation to report every 90 days. A hotel or guesthouse in Thailand by law have to report all foreigners residing in their establishment within 24 hours of them arriving which is normally done electronically and is a reason why they scan or copy your passport it is to send a copy to the Immigration officers. Even though this is done you still have to report yourself, do not leave it to the place where you are residing.

Can I do the 90 day reporting online?

The answer is yes, the Thai Immigration have finally replaced the old system with new software that allows you to report your residence every 90 days and the details are below and this will save you the hassle of traveling. You can read more about doing your 90 day report online here

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90 Day Reporting in Thailand

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