Life In Australia

Whether you are in the process of applying for a tourist visa to Australia or a marriage visa to Australia, it is more often that not you will be worrying if you can adapt to the food there. … Read More

Australia is one of the top destinations for Thai expats making a move overseas. Most expats face the anxiety of having to move to a new place and start a new life. Relocating can be quite stressful but with proper planning, you can avoid most of the situations … Read More

English is an international language that is widely used all over the world as a means of communication. As a Thai student who wants to advance your career or supplement your knowledge, you can opt to travel to Australia to learn English. There are several language centers all … Read More

How To Get An Australian Driving Licence For Thai Nationals

While my wife thinks that the public transport in Sydney is the greatest thing on earth, she still needed to drive on occasion, so I suggested that she should get her Australian driving licence.

She was not over keen on … Read More

Now that the kids were at school during the day, Pim decided it was time to pull her weight and get a job and as she holds a married partner visa this entitles her to work in Australia.

But first she felt she needed to improve her English skills…. Read More

As I mentioned earlier, one of the primary reasons for us moving to Australia was the education of our children(James 3 and Jan 2), so we set off on the search for quality education…


The Search for a school:

In Australia children don’t start school until 5 or 6 (depending … Read More

After living in Thailand for the last five years my wife (Pim) and I decided to relocate to Australia with our two young children (James: 3 and Jan: 2).

We had loved living in Thailand and will return, however with young children two of the most important things … Read More

Many people will agree with me: Moving sucks, and doing across national boundaries it’s that much harder. As more client approach Key Visa with life-long plans to move to Australia, we decided it was a good time to try and create a easy to follow, detailed list of … Read More

Thai girlfriend is it love or lust
having a Thai girlfriend is it love or lust? this is the burning question that eats at most foreign guys during their relationships with a Thai national and there are numerous things that you must take in to … Read More

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS / CLOSURES 2014 for the Australian Embassy… Read More

4 Australian Cities That Party Animals Should Definteily Visit

If you are from Thailand and are interested in visiting Australia, chances are that you have in mind the number of things you want to see. Australia is home to some of the most amazing wildlife and scenery in the … Read More

4 Excellent Clubs In Perth That Thai Tourists Will Love

If you are touring Australia anytime soon, one of the cities you should definitely make a point of visiting is Perth. This is especially so if you are the type of person who often likes having a good time … Read More

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