5 Places In Dublin That Thai Tourists Should Visit


Thai nationals are among the growing numbers of tourists who visit Dublin every year. It is not a surprise why these people would go almost halfway around the world just to visit Dublin. Dublin is definitely a very scenic and beautiful place. The following are some of the best sites that Thai visitors should visit in Dublin. 

The Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Storehouse is definitely a must-visit for any Thai tourist. This seven-storey building is shaped like a giant Guinness pint and is definitely one of the most popular landmarks not only in Dublin but in all of Ireland. It is the one-stop shop for any tourist who wants to know a lot about the ever famous beer. And what most people love about visiting the Guinness Storehouse is that they get a complimentary beer from the Gravity Bar.

The National Gallery of Ireland

Art lovers would want to visit the National Gallery of Ireland. This massive gallery holds more than two thousand and five hundred paintings featuring all European school of paintings. Some of these paintings are made by renowned artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, Caravaggio, and Vermeer. There is also a specific collection of Irish paintings that tourists can appreciate. Aside from paintings, the National Gallery also holds about ten thousands works of art ranging from sculptures, drawings, and prints.

The National Aquatic Centre

Another popular tourist attraction in Dublin would be the National Aquatic Centre. It is one of the top attractions in all of Ireland being one of the largest indoor water centres in the world. One of its best years was 2012 when two hundred thousand short of a million people used the centre. In the centre is the Aquazone Waterpark which features three large water slides, The Lazy River, a wave-pool, and even a surfing machine.

The Dublin Zoo

Both the old and the young would love the Dublin Zoo. The zoo features numerous animals coming from a wide variety of habitats from all over the world. The Dublin Zoo has separate sections that simulate various animal environments. For example, at the African Savanna, tourists would be able to see giraffes, zebras, and ostriches. There is also the Kaziranga Forest where tourists would see a herd of Asian elephants. Rare and exotic animals such as chimps, tigers, pandas, and hippos are also kept here.

The National Museum of Ireland

For those Thai visitors who want to know more about the history and culture of Ireland, there is the National Museum of Ireland. This place can magically transport any tourist back in time with the numerous archaeological artefacts that it contains. National history, archaeology, decorative arts, and country life – these are just some of the numerous exhibits that any tourist will enjoy inside the National Museum. And the best thing about the National Museum of Ireland is that it can be enjoyed for free!

Dublin is definitely a very interesting place to visit. All of the beautiful attractions that it holds are not just limited to this five. If you ever need help with visa applications so that you or your loved ones can visit Dublin, you can check our Ireland visa services.