It’s Summer In Ireland And Where Should You Go?

In Ireland, as the summer takes full swing, so much goes on and no one wants to stay indoors. Owing to the beautiful green fields that cover Ireland’s countryside, undoubtedly it deserves the title “Emerald isle”. Its traditional and scenic views capture your mind instantaneously. Besides the perfect pint of a black stuff and a very warm welcome, Ireland vouches for nothing less than stunning surroundings. Dublin is the ideal place to visit in Ireland, since it stands out among other cities though that is not to say that other parts of Ireland will not leave you breathless. Here are a few places that you ought to visit when in this great country:


The county Kerry lies in the heart of Munster province. When you get there, you will find the main town, Talee, and as you advance to the interior you find the significant Killarney. Marked with mountainous regions, Killarney National Park offers outstanding natural beauty that pierces through the eye to the soul. As you travel on, you will come across Iveragh Peninsula, a mystical part of the county that is simply breath taking. The Iveragh Peninsula is sufficient for outdoor activities such as golfing, cycling, and water sports, not to mention promenading.


It is the largest county found in the southernmost part of Ireland. A brief conversation with the locals of Cork will reveal to you the other name of the place, “The Rebel County”. Historically, Cork played a unique role in the Irish war thus its other name. In Cork, you will find Ilnacullin, a place admired by many for its natural and scenic beauty. Wonderful tropical plants find their home in this place to say nothing of the distinctive Italian gardens and Martello Tower. For animal lovers, they should proceed on to Fota National Park for the wildlife.


Over the years, the myriad pubs in this city have offered many Stag and Hen events making the city popular in Ireland. By making a brief stop at one of the popular breweries in the region, you can get a pint or two from the town renowned for its great beer production.  For nearly 800 years now, the focal point of Kilkenny has been the stone castle that stands majestically at in this city are epic.


When you get to the West Coast of Ireland, you will find the Galway medieval town sitting on the River Corib.  Its ancient architecture makes it a phenomenal place to visit as well as its vivacious cultural and art scene. With a boat, you can easily navigate through Galway as you discover new things. Furthermore, as you head outside the city, you will come across the Connemara National Park and find great mountains, massive expanses of bogs, heaths, woodlands and the likes.