Kim Kardashian And Kanye West In Ireland For Honeymoon


Following an extravagant wedding ceremony in Italy, the newlywed couple headed for Ireland for their honeymoon. They recently made it to Cork through a private jet from Florence where the wedding ceremony was held. When they arrived, a fleet of limos met them and stealthily whisked them off to a much private location. This happened amidst a buzz of personal assistants and bodyguards. Reportedly, the lovebirds spent five days in a posh private resort in Munster, celebrating their wedding aftermath. After the five-day honeymoon, they will spend one day touring Dublin, according to sources. This just narrows down to what we think are some of the must-do things the pair should do in Ireland.

Mitchelstown Caves

Found at the border of Cork and Tipperary, the unique site is a must-see for the pair. With notions, they are more or less like Ailwee caves. The place has a history of war, apparently, between Cork and Tipp people over ownership of the land. If the lovebirds set foot in the caves, their wedding mood may just be the right antidote to spark off peace back again. Overall, the natural beauty of the caves and its artistic appearance is something the couple is likely to remember for a long time.

Butter Museum

Although it may sound too good to be true in Ireland, you will find all kinds of the tastiest butter in the butter museum. From traditional to modern butter, it does not get better than this. Something else to the couple might carry home after their visit is a handful of ideas with regard to the best butters. For the happy couple, adding butter to their honeymoon is just another way to sweeten life.

Slang It Out

By virtue of the vibrant Ireland culture and all their events and festivities, the couple dubbed Kimye will leave the place with dozens of Ireland slang words. Expression is the art of communication. Learning Ireland’s slang will make it easier for the two get along with the natives of the town as they explore it on various excursions.

Clonakilty Black Pudding

The black pudding traces its origin back to the small farmhouses in the rural areas of Ireland. Its secret ingredients were passed down to different generations and with time, it became better and better. In Ireland, the black pudding is more popular than you would imagine. The taste of the pudding is enough to make you feel like carrying lots of home. The black pudding will be another fascinating the couple will find in Ireland for their desert.