Irish tourist visa for Thai girlfriend is probably the most difficult visa application we do at Key Visa Thailand because the decision makers are so hot and cold it can be nearly impossible to guarantee a visa even for the best visa application so using professional help for a tourist visa for your Thai girlfriend to Ireland is a must.

We have been obtaining Irish tourist visas for many years for Thai nationals and at the moment it is probably the most difficult it has been for along time due to the decisions being made in Dublin Ireland, so the presentation of the visa application is paramount and making sure the documents are in place and the presentation is perfect is a must.

Most people who get refused a visa for a Thai to Ireland because of lack of documents and lack of presentation and mistakes on the Ireland on line visa application service called AVATS  which is very easy to do without professional help.

The first visa given for a Thai girlfriend to Ireland is normally for 3 months and it can be a test to see if they return to Thailand on time so it is imperative to make sure they return to Thailand before the finish date of the visa. The visa has a start date and a finish date and has your Thai partners photo super imposed on the visa so no chances of a copy or a fake visa, In the past visa applications to Ireland the decision was made in Malaysia at the main Ireland Embassy but now with the decisions being given in Dublin sometimes the officers do not understand the Thai way of life so getting it right first time can be very difficult without professional help.

Please always consider using the services of Key Visa Thailand and you can e-mail [email protected]