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Lost or stolen UK Passports in Thailand

There is nothing worse than the realization that you have lost or had your UK passport stolen, it is a mind numbing experience and especially when you are in Thailand.

Now what do I do? What about my visa? Where do I start? How do I get a new passport? The answer to all the questions is easy, come to Key Visa or contact us we can help you obtain your new passport without traveling to Bangkok and also make sure that the documents you will provide will be correct for Her Majesty’s passport office in Bangkok.

Most Government websites can be vague with details and not easy to understand which is why most of the details can be found by contacting our office or on our informative website. Our service includes document checking, color photocopies, making the appointment to submit the passport application, taking the application to Bangkok and collecting the new British passport when it is ready.

Key Visa’s job is to guide you and take out the hassle of traveling and try and make a nightmare a little bit simpler.

You don’t have to be in Pattaya it can be done by EMS postage


> Always have a copy of your UK passport when you are overseas in case of a theft or you have lost the original passport “copies cost pennies”

> When you realize the UK passport is missing then you should visit your local Thai Police station and report it missing they will in turn issue you with a Thai Police report.


> You should start the process by downloading the application (OS) form, for overseas applications, and complete it, making sure you do not forget two major things, > The British Passport application should be completed in black ink only not blue. You will be asked on the form for your parents details so make sure you can access them. The box guidelines on each page of the OS application form will explain how to fill in the form.


> You must then download and print the LSO1 lost UK passport form and fill in the details on the form and make sure it is signed.

> You then download the credit card form from either our website or the British Embassy website and fill it in with the correct details. Payment will be deducted from your account by the passport office in the UK at the HMPO and do not worry it is very secure. If you live in Thailand and do not have a credit or UK debit card then maybe you have a friend or family who can assist with their card it does not have to be your name. If you have a Thailand credit card not a standard debit card this can also be used. If you use a friends credit card who is not a British Citizen then you must take a copy of their details page and put it with the application form.

6. As part of our service Key Visa will then make an appointment via e-mail with the HMPO office in Bangkok and we then will receive your application appointment within three days.


Key Visa staff will then take your application to Bangkok and submit the paperwork and bring back the receipt back to our office in Pattaya. When the new passport is ready it is collected from Bangkok and the new UK passport is issued to you.

  • Important notes, make sure the application is completed in black ink
  • You need to supply three completed forms, OS, LS01 and the payment form
  • You must have one of the photographs countersigned and also the back of the passport application form
  • If your counter signatory is from the EU, they must also supply a copy of the photo page of their passport.
  • You must supply something to show were you are staying in Thailand at the current time.
  • You must supply if possible some kind of identification with the application i.e. copy of old UK passport, UK driving license,

The cost for this service is 10,000 Thai baht which does not include the cost of the new UK passport.

If you are unsure about any details you can contact 038 422131

Once the new passport has been issued depending on the visa you had in your missing UK passport we will give you advice.

Darren is an angel and I can’t express enough gratitude to him and his company for their help! I lost my passport on the 2nd day of my holiday and finding this company made a very bad situation, so so much easier! With total efficiency and support they handled everything so perfectly!Friendly service where nothing is to much trouble! I got on with my holiday and my passport arrived to my hotel 3 weeks later! Highly recommend

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Lost UK Passport

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Robert T.
Robert T.
11:47 28 Jan 20
Excellent communicating skills and very efficient staff to help all Brits and Aussies with their passport and visa requirements.
Andrew B.
Andrew B.
07:32 05 Dec 19
I have used Key Visa for my daughters English Passport in 2015 and wife and stepdaughters UK settlement Visas this year, 2019. Thanks to key Visa's excellent services we were successful in obtaining all of these.
Adam C
Adam C
04:25 27 Nov 19
The fee was well worth not having to travel to Bangkok to the embassy and then having to go a second time when the new passport was ready. All done with EMS.
William L.
William L.
11:01 10 Jun 19
Excellent service from Darren McGarry and his colleagues...Due to my UK Passport renewal application being submitted from here in Hua Hin to Darren & his colleagues in Pattaya later than anticipated, my new passport arrived back in Darrens office in Pattaya on the eve of my flying back out to work the next day....Post from Pattaya to Hua Hin would take approx 3 more days....No problem....Darren organised courier service by taxi from Pattaya to Hua Hin that night to ensure I had passport ready for flying out next day....(well worth the additional cost of taxi to ensure delivery....)...Very good service.....
100% Red Pill C.
100% Red Pill C.
09:12 19 Feb 19
If you need to renew your british passport or if you need any other advice or visa service. This is the only place to do it with. Darren the guy who set up and owns key Visa, is Ultra proffessional, answered every single email and question for me, put my mind at ease and I had alot of weird quesrions. Very patiently answerd. The process was simple quick convenient, He even took care of the transfer of my Thai Non O marry visa into my new passport. The whole process cost me just B10,000 that included the cost of my new uk passport, the letter from uk emnbassy to transfer my Non O 1 year marry visa and his fee. Financially It's a no brainer. The travelling hotels food and train tickets aloan would cost more than that. I just downloaded the nessasary forms filled them in sent it all to Darren. He did the rest. Brilliant, proffesional 100% trustworthy service!. I give Darren and Key Visa. 10☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ highly recomended. PS sorry it took a while to send in my review Darren mate. Thanks again for everything.
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