Being refused a UK visa both UK tourist and UK settlement is a heart wrenching thing and most people tend to take it personally and start shouting at the Embassy or sending unwelcome e-mails because they do not agree with the decision that has been given by the British Embassy in Bangkok but in most cases the officer is correct or just being petty so you should not read too much in to the decision as we see daily what is wrote on the paper is not what they really mean.

When you are refused a UK visa you should be given a refusal letter stating the reason for the refusal and why you was not awarded the visa. Most clients are refused a visa because.

  • Lack of documents
  • Lack of presentation
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Thai documents not correct
  • Stating the wrong things on the sponsorship letter
  • Making mistakes on the application form
  • Dressing incorrectly when the visa application is submitted

There is a number of reasons for a refusal but it should be expected because most people are going in to an application process with knowledge from a friend or research which really means you are going in blind as a bat. After 13 years of visa applications we still find it difficult in some cases and we are doing it daily and due to the problems in the UK and Australia and Ireland with Immigration it will only get more difficult.

If you attempt a visa application on your own and you are refused then you should contact a visa consultant like Key Visa to try to overturn the decision and appeal the visa decision or re apply because after a refusal it can get more difficult especially if the British Embassy in Bangkok have reasons to doubt your credibility.

There are normally numbers given at the end of a refusal meaning you were refused under Immigration laws paragraph reference

HC395 which means you can re apply but must give it some time and professional attention

HC370 (A) This means the British Embassy officer feels that a document is false or fraudulent and your next visa application will be scrutanised

HC370(B) This means normally you have been caught red handed issuing false information and normally banned for 10 years from applying again.

The above should give you an indication why it is important to get professional help first or second time with your visa application and at Key Visa there is no financial risk so why not come to the professional and let us help.