UK Tourist visa for Thai girlfriend with all the hype in Thailand about visa issues it has not affected the issuance of tourist visas for Thai girlfriends or Thai wife’s to visit the UK to meet their UK partners family and experience the differences in culture in the UK than in Thailand including food and the weather and the way people drive their vehicles. With clients that come to Key Visa Thailand in search of their first visa for their Thai girlfriend we always advise the vaf1a online UK tourist visa which is a 6 months visa and it also helps to show that the relationship is genuine and also so the British Embassy can see that your Thai girlfriend has returned to Thailand after the holiday in the UK, which means intentions are genuine, the relationship is not manufactured and that the future is paramount to you both as the Thai partner and you as the UK sponsor. If another visa company advises you to apply for a UK settlement or marriage visa first it is because they wish to obtain extra monies from you, the British Embassy will always be dubious about giving a UK settlement visa when your Thai girlfriend has not even been to the UK on holiday it is not practical and does not make sense. Tourist visas to the UK is all about the presentation due to there being no interview process so to use the Best Visa company in Thailand Key Visa Thailand will be worth every penny to get it right first time and to know that your Thai girlfriend will soon be traveling on the promised holiday, do not let your Thai girlfriend attempt it themselves without professional help and do not go for a cheaper company because normally their low price is a lost leader or they are not experienced enough to obtain the visa and will take the money upfront which you will never get back. So do not pay up front and always use professional help, for more details contact [email protected]visa