Top 7 UK Cities That Thai Foreigners Choose To Live In


If you plan to live in another country, there may several factors that you need to get accustomed to. Living in a foreign location requires you to make major adjustments to your lifestyle, which you were once used to.  However, choosing the right location might help alleviate the tension of this new change and allow you to make that transition a little smoother. Are you a Thai national who is planning to live in UK? This article lists out 7 of the most popular UK cities that many other Thais choose to live in:


This city is considered to be one of UK’s most beautiful cities that are rich in their history and culture elements. Surrounding this location is Yorkshire’s wild countryside. You can be sure that your neighbours in this area are very friendly, allowing you to fit in very quickly. It is also a very safe city to live in.


Inhabitants of Chester love their recreation time in the Cheshire’s countryside. Families can gain easy access to places such as the Cheshire Zoo, as it is very close to where they live. As a result of the aforementioned, Chester is easily ranked as one of the top places to live with unchallenged living standards.


This city is located right in the centre of UK and receives many praises from families who live in it. One of the contributing factor is that its houses are cheaper than usual, making it more affordable for families who do not wish to spend too much from their budget, pertaining to the purchase of their accommodations.


Beach lovers can rejoice at the fact that their potential homes are near the sandy beaches along the Welsh coast. Families have enjoyed the benefit of having convenient staycations over at a neighbouring seaside resort!


Families who plan to add a little colour to their daily lives can pick Derby as the perfect place to live in. The location boasts of historic sites, museums and even theme parks that are easily accessible for their residents. The privileges ensure that the residents here do not need to experience a day that is too dull.


The strong infrastructure and easy access to its nearby amenities have made this city as the place to live in, by both locals and expatriates. This location also enjoys the benefits of having low crime rates and it means that you do not need to be overly alert and all times.


If you can’t get enough of city life, this location is perfect for you. This city is very relevant to the modern era and perhaps you won’t feel the pinch when you move over from somewhere you are pretty much used to, such as Bangkok city. Older areas in this city have also been modernized and are keeping up to date to today’s requirements.


It would be beneficial for your family and you to experience and visit to these locations in person. This way, you ensure that through your own eyes, you can decide if a certain city is ideal for you to settle down in. If you need help with your visa applications if you want to love to the UK for the long term, let us help you.