Refused our second UK tourist visa?

You will not be aware but this is a very common occurrence in the UK visa business and sometimes obtaining the second, third UK tourist visa for your Thai girlfriend can be more difficult than the first one,UK-tourist-visaYou are asking why? we have just had a 6 month visa and returned on time,

To answer the burning question, it answers itself in the respect of why would you need a further 6 months UK tourist visa when you have just had 6 months in the UK on holiday,

What you doing in the UK its not that exciting?

Working illegally? using UK tourist visas to reside with your UK sponsor?

Are you applying for another UK visa to get away from getting married?

Is your UK sponsor not able to attain the settlement visa financial requirement? so lets buck the system and use UK tourist visas instead.

These are the questions that go through the head of a UK visa officer at the British Embassy when making a decision whether to give you a second tourist visa or not, they tend to be British so they will know after 6 months on holiday you have seen all there is to see so why do you need to travel a second or third time? when I give these scenarios to clients they start head scratching and start to realize how a visa officer really thinks at the British Embassy rather than thinking it is a foregone conclusion because you have been awarded one UK tourist visa already.

Secrets and tips!! 

  • You should only apply for number two visa when your Thai girlfriend or partner has been back in Thailand 6 months.
  • The unwritten rule is 6 months in the UK and 6 months back in Thailand
  • Applying too soon can be seen as utilizing tourist visa’s to reside in the UK with your boyfriend
  • Do not use the full 6 months on the first visa, try and do 4 or longest 5 months so it does not look like you are abusing the visa.
  • Always make sure you take in the UK 50-100 photos with your family and during your sight seeing.
  • Keep all receipts for venues you may visit like the London Eye, Buckingham Palace etc.
  • Always have a reason for the second visa, not just a holiday!! for instance you wish to spend more time before committing to marriage, your Thai girlfriend wishes to spend more time in the UK to adapt to the culture difference’s
  • Get letters from family members saying how much they loved your Thai girlfriend’s company during her holiday in the UK and she is a credit to you.
  • Keep records of monies sent to your Thai girlfriends family showing she is still supporting during her time in the UK.

The details above are just a few tips and reasons why getting professional help and guidance and also presentation can be paramount to succeeding on the second visa application, never be over confident as visa officers at the British Embassy are very well known for refusing a second application just using the first visa application as a test. One of the golden rules we always stick to is making sure your Thai girlfriend or Thai wife stays back in Thailand a minimum of 6 months or more before applying again, the only time we would consider a shorter time is if you have children together which is an important reason for keeping the family unit together but even with children it can be a tester.

I have seen many clients use Key Visa for the first visa get approved and stay for 6 months come back to Thailand and apply immediately which is a huge, massive mistake and is accepted with shock by the applicant expecting to be on the next plane back to the UK is not going to happen, so do not be hasty and apply quickly or end up in tears.

UK-tourist-visaThe client then has to come back to me to re do the application again because they have been refused so the Immigration status they have built up has just been ruined, everyone understand that it is important to stay together but a UK tourist visa is what it says it is for tourism purposes not to reside with your UK boyfriend or husband.

Be careful when applying or even better let Key Visa handle the visa application for you and present it correctly and save the tears and feeling of being hard done too.

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