How to prepare your visa application to the UK

This page is designed to give tips on a visa to the UK which is trying to advise you of constant mistakes that are made when applying for a UK visa application so do not make mistakes have a read.

  • One of the most important parts of a UK visa application both tourist and settlement visas to the UK is the content given to the British Embassy in Bangkok to show an ongoing relationship because of many reasons and proving to the Embassy clearing officer that you are a responsible and genuine relationship and to give them the gut feeling that after your UK holiday you will return to Thailand. Make sure that you fill the application with telephone records, money transfers, photographs of the relationship, Skype, MSN and all chat records, old receipts from Thailand, give them everything you have because too much is never enough.
  •  If your Thai girlfriend or spouse has been to the UK on a 6 month holiday visa and you wish her to travel again please remember that you should not apply Immediately on there return from the UK as you can be refused on the grounds of using tourist visas to reside in the UK with your partner. The unwritten rule is one visa in one year so 6 months in the UK and 6 months back in Thailand but if you wish to apply for something more permanent like a UK fiancee visa or UK spousal visa then you can apply immediately on your Thai partners return. 
  • Always make sure that when you prepare a visa application that you submit numerous photographs of your relationship including photographs of you together in Thailand “not in drinking establishments” photographs together with your Thai partners family in Thailand as this helps to show a close relationship together. If you have been to the UK with your Thai partner previously then make sure you add photos of you both in the UK together and also with your family in the UK. Too much is never enough the Embassy official likes to see between 30-40 photographs altogether. Preferably no drinking establishments, no bare chested, no over eager poses just make the pictures look natural.
  • If you are applying for a UK tourist visa when you consider writing your letter of sponsorship for your visa application to the UK never mention anything to do with working or health care as a tourist visa is what it says it is “tourist” and with all UK visas your Thai partner can not be a burden to the British Government and any mention of employment or health care would be massively detrimental to your UK visa application.
  • When your Thai partner receives their visa to the UK it is advisable to make sure they carry a copy of your original sponsorship letter that you gave with your visa application as this has your details on complete with your address and contact telephone number in the UK so if the question is asked by the Immigration officer, your partner has all the details with them.