Thai girlfriend is it love or lust

having a Thai girlfriend is it love or lust? this is the burning question that eats at most foreign guys during their relationships with a Thai national and there are numerous things that you must take in to consideration when you come to Thailand and feel yourself falling in love with a lady that in some cases can be half your age or younger.

Thai girlfriendSo if you ask yourself, I am 50 years old, would a lady in my own Country be it the UK or Australia as 23-30 years old really look at me? would she want to live a life with me? you generally know this answer to the question and be polite to yourselves, older men in the UK and Australia that are attractive to younger women tend to have huge amounts of money for instance Peter String fellow or Hugh Hefner but this is generally the same way that Thai’s and most of the Asian Countries look at relationships, can this guy from the UK or Australia look after me? can he give me gifts? can he send me money monthly? which to a Thai is expected because they come from poor backgrounds and need to support their family and if you want to be their partner or boyfriend be ready to start paying guys, the Asian mentality can be one that concentrates on beauty and accessories that don’t really mean anything in a normal World but to Asian people it is a status symbol, example Japanese ladies still at University have older boyfriends up to the age of 70 and its because they are rolling in cash and can offer more than partners their own age.

If you are going to come to Thailand and fall in love try to do it with someone nearer you age as you will find a younger partner lets say 25 years of age will have the ways and act like a young person wanting to party were you may wish to settle down, remember how you was when you was 20-25 years of age? party animal? of course you was just like me so finding a more mature partner is advisable or it could end up in tears and you may find that a more mature Thai woman will be less demanding on your wallet and your body because we all know as you get older we start to slow down, or maybe not!! but a more mature woman has a more sensible attitude to life and will normally protect your wallet rather than attack it with a hand grenade.

If you are a party animal and still feel young then Thailand is for you because to a Thai even Quasimodo will be called a sexy man, no disrespect but the truth has to be given, so enjoy feeling like David Beckham for the duration of your time and if you do enjoy the delights of a Ferrari rather than a clapped out old Mini then try not to fall in love to fast and I am writing this post as a business owner with 14 years of experience of making valuable mistakes, thinking you are a handsome, virile man is great but to a younger lady it normally means expensive and will be a drain on your pocket, enjoy but try not to fall for the puppy dog eyes and think realistically why would an absolutely beautiful 21 year old women weighing 45 kilos tell you she loves you after knowing you 1 hour it normally means can I have some new shoes or a handbag or even worse the dreaded word “marriage” so lust is great but try to think with your brain in your head as the other two brains a man possess will work itself, so be a realist and play the game, enjoy being a sexy man and enjoy the attention but try not to take things on face value.

Lust is dangerous, age is dangerous and your heart is a precious commodity as we only have one so do not let someone inside because they look like Miss World as you will find millions of women in Asia that are amazing to look at and many at a similar age to yourself so spend time enjoying yourself and keeping your eyes wide open and your wallet firmly closed preferably with a 3 kilo lock on it.

Thai girlfriendLike me, when most guys come to Thailand for the first time they are overwhelmed with beauty, sexy ladies and the nightlife is something they have never experienced before, the attention you get is second to none with you being looked after like a baby, wiping your mouth after eating, taking off your shoes for you, hanging up your clothes etc which guys from the UK and Australia we are not used too and this is just the way Thais can be with you but it feels like a breath of fresh air and we all love to be pampered but really? even though a younger lady seen with an older man is normal in Asia and Thailand they are still young with a young brain with their whole life to live, will we be part of it? are we part of their long term plan and future? hmmm your own judgement is needed on how it would look in the Western World.

What I am trying to explain is the Internet is full of forums and information on experiences with a Thai lady so do research “plenty of it” after 14 years I am still learning, there are numerous books for sale the most famous called “money number one” just read it and see if any of it relates to your relationship and I can imagine the answer.

Enjoy these lovely women and their soft and lovely ways and their beauty and Thailand is an amazing place to live and visit but do your homework and you will have a far better time and maybe life in Thailand as I have done, explore, navigate and enjoy being forever young guys but watch the wallet.

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