Whether you are in the process of applying for a tourist visa to Australia or a marriage visa to Australia, it is more often that not you will be worrying if you can adapt to the food there. We have not met any Thai that doesn’t tell us that Thai food is the best in the world and how he or she will miss the local cuisine when planning a move or long holiday abroad. That’s why for those who are going to be in Australia for quite a while, we have collated a list of best Thai restaurants that can be found in Australia so that you won’t have to feel separated from your Pad Thai or Nampik!

Chin Chin (Melbourne)

Decked out in Warhol inspired prints, this trendy Thai restaurant serves up a delightful array of Thai dishes that will be close to your heart. Whether it’s Gapi Fried Rice or Larb Duck that you are longing for, you will find them served to perfection here. The Chin Chin team focuses not only on the food but is all out to ensure 100% customer satisfaction so it’s guaranteed that you will enjoy a wonderful dining experience here.

Banana Leaf Thai (Brisbane)

Easily found on Wellington Road in East Brisbane, Banana Leaf Thai offers a mix of both traditional and modern Thai dishes. Popular dishes such as the Pigsy Brissy get sold out fast on weekends so you can imagine the popularity of this restaurant among its patrons. If you love Thai curry, then don’t miss the Duck Curry or Massaman Beef here!

Star of Siam (Adelaide)

For those who don’t know, Siam is the ancient name for Thailand. Appropriately named as Star of Siam, you can be prepared to be dazzled by an array of deceitfully simple Thai dishes which will send loads of flavours into your mouths. Papaya Salad (Som Tam Thai), Snow Pea Salad (Larb Snow Pea), Fish Cakes (Tod Mun Pla) and Grilled Pork (Moo Yang) – any street food to be found in Bangkok – you name it, and this restaurant has it.

Bangkok Betty (Sydney)

If you want to find delicious Thai food without breaking the bank in Sydney, then you should head on down to Bangkok Betty. Their signature dishes consist of the Mosman Massaman (Massaman beef curry), s-CREAM-ing Prawns (prawn curry), and Pork with Pizzazz (Crispy Pork Belly). You will find that the dishes here come in huge portions so don’t forget to grab a few friends and try out one of the best Thai food in town!

Basil & Mint (Perth)

Although it’s not just Thai cuisine they are serving here (this is a Vietnamese-Thai restaurant), we had to mention Basil & Mint because the Thai dishes here are served fresh in a contemporary concept. As the restaurant is connected to the new Coventry Markets, patrons enjoy coming for a delicious meal before heading to the markets for some shopping fun. Try the Lemongrass Garlic Prawns if you are looking for an explosion of flavours on your taste buds!

Smile Thai Cuisine (Melbourne)

While you might dismiss this restaurant as a simple Thai eatery, head on in and try the food for yourself. Light on your wallet and well located on the Victoria Street, both locals and tourists will find the dishes here served with a simple dedication to good cooking. For those who love noodles, give their Pad See Ew a try and for those longing for Thai soups, you should not miss their Tom Kar Chicken (with coconut) and Tom Yum Seafood.

Ready to go to Australia?

As you can see, you won’t have to feel homesick when it comes to missing your favourite Thai dishes in Australia. With many excellent Thai restaurants such like those mentioned earlier, you will have peace of mind when planning a long term stay in the Land Down Under. At Key Visa Thailand, we can help Thai citizens apply for a wide variety of Australian visas. Especially if you are planning to bring your Thai spouse over to Australia, you will find our services highly dependable. Contact us to find out more!