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Popular Thai Restaurants In Ireland


Have you recently applied for a marriage visa to Ireland or a long stay visa to Ireland? Other than the administrative process, one of your major concerns might be if you can adapt to the cuisine there. You may be fond of Thai ... Read More
13/02/2018Darren McGarry
Top Irish Cities For Thai Tourists To Visit


Ireland is known for its rich Celtic culture and its nearly mythic reputation makes it one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The country has sprawling suburbs, bustling cities and stretches of trails which plenty of tourists from all over the world, including those from Thailand, ... Read More
26/09/2017Darren McGarry
Ireland’s Best English Language Centers For Thai Students


Looking to enrol in English classes in Ireland? If you are a Thai citizen, you will need to apply for a Long Stay D Visa before enrolling for language courses in Ireland. While you are sorting your visa out, here are some of Ireland's best English Language centres you ... Read More
14/07/2017Darren McGarry


There has been a lot of confusion recently over UK and European visas particularly after the UK decision to leave the European Union which has become commonly known as Brexit. Although UK is currently part of the European Union, Thai nationals require a separate visa to visit Europe than ... Read More
23/06/2017Darren McGarry


Education The days when education was widely recognised as a guaranteed tool in life to improve oneself are largely gone. The general aim of education is to create workers who don’t ask too many questions and unfortunately the Thai education system excels at this objective. Many Thais ... Read More
06/11/2013Darren McGarry

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