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Renewing Irish Passports in Thailand


We can do it for you without going to Bangkok

Applying for an Irish passport renewal or a Childs first passport is not for the faint hearted and can lead to many visits to the Irish Consulate in Bangkok if you get the application incorrect or the documents wrong, so why take the risk?

Why travel? You can come to Key Visa in Pattaya and we can help you obtain your new passport without traveling further than our office.

Key Visa Thailand can take the hassle away for a service fee of only 12,000 Thai baht which includes the passport fee and document checking, photocopies, taking the application to Bangkok, collecting the new passport when it is ready and keeping you informed of developments.


1. Never leave your passport until the last minute! Make sure you have a minimum of 9 months to one year validity left when you apply for a new passport.

2. Never wait until you have nearly run out of pages in your old passport! When you are half way through the pages order a new passport. Why put yourself under pressure? It is not worth the hassle.


3. You bring your old passport to the office and we complete with you the application form that we already have ready.

4. As part of our service, Key Visa will then make an appointment via e-mail with the Irish Consulate and submit the application and we are given a receipt and the old passport back as your original passport should never leave Thailand.


Checklist of Documents to bring to the office

5. You must make sure you bring your original passport ,do not worry we will do the colour copies needed by the Consulate.

6. You must supply two passport photographs, size 35mm wide by 45mm high you must not wear glasses or smile. The pictures must be taken with a white or light grey background and if the photographs are not correct then it will hold up the process.


7. Either you or Key Visa will receive a telephone call or an e-mail from the Irish Consulate when your passport has arrived. Key Visa staff will then collect the passport and bring it back to Pattaya with the old one. At present it is taking 6 weeks to arrive back in Thailand.

PIECE OF MIND FOR ONLY 12,000 Thai baht inclusive of the passport fee.

Contact our office on 038 422 131 or email [email protected]

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