The days when education was widely recognised as a guaranteed tool in life to improve oneself are largely gone. The general aim of education is to create workers who don’t ask too many questions and unfortunately the Thai education system excels at this objective. Many Thais have no idea about different parts of the world including their neighbouring countries. Their sense and grasp of history can be completely upside down too.

Find Out First

If thinking about taking a partner to your home country it might be wise to see what they first understand about it. For many uneducated Thais from impoverished regions, the chance to get on a plane could be the main reason why they decide to move to another country, and the implications of living there have not been thought through fully. Don’t be harsh on partners who haven’t been educated or haven’t undertaken even the most basic geographical or historical appreciation of the world.

The Food, the Food, the Food

Thai food is considered among the best in the world, and many Westerners are at completely at home either ordering from a Thai menu or coming here to stay. However, it’s not really an accurate reflection of the full Thai palette, which is raised on a diet of strange fruits and vegetables, dips and sauces, as well as exotic fermented fishes and insects, which are simply never encountered by the Western visitor. If you find yourself eating differently from your girlfriend inside Thailand it’s crucial to understand if this is just a matter of taste or necessity.

Bangkok Isn’t Buri-Ram

Some girls come from the more rural parts of Thailand that have never eaten bacon, or a burger or fast food. This isn’t such an issue in Bangkok were the local Isaan (North East) population is well provided for by the local markets bringing in food from up-country, but this is a real hurdle when abroad. A Thai girl’s loneliness and homesickness is compounded if there are no foods that can please her palette.

Language Barriers

English is the international language of business and day to day communication. Many Westerners from foreign countries also use this language to communicate with their Thai girlfriends or wives. Unfortunately not everyone abroad can speak English. Many people, who don’t travel so well, do so because they can’t speak English. It can be a surprise for a Thai girl to learn that not everyone in France is as fluent in English as their boyfriend.

Where is Good and Where isn’t so Good?

Germans tend to be very good at English but some Scandinavian countries, like Finland, are less able. Aging Italians too can be problematic. The Thai who is fluent in English can suddenly find themselves crippled abroad in some countries to communicate the most basic information, and this can lead to a wish to return home. Never assume a girl can learn a new language as fast as the old one as we all lose this ability for languages as we age.