Ireland is known for its rich Celtic culture and its nearly mythic reputation makes it one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The country has sprawling suburbs, bustling cities and stretches of trails which plenty of tourists from all over the world, including those from Thailand, visit every year. If you are visiting Ireland soon, here are some cities to include on your travel itinerary. And don’t forget to make your Irish tourist visa application hassle-free by working with a visa company in Thailand today!


Being the largest city in West Ireland, Galway is a top tourist destination and is famous for holding one of the finest art galleries in the world. There are several shops located along the cobblestone streets and winding lanes of the medieval quarter part of the city. Galway is home to several live traditional Irish music concerts held throughout the year. Today, Galway is considered one of the few cities in Ireland that have worked hard to preserve the natural history and culture of the Irish people. If you want to experience the rich culture of the Irish people, Galway is the one of the few places left where locals still speak the Irish Language. Thai tourists will truly enjoy an authentic Irish travel experience in Galway!


Dublin is the capital of Ireland and it holds more than three quarter of the nation’s population. Dublin has a laid-back atmosphere that makes the city feel more like a small town and less like a metropolis. The city has a number of cultural attractions which makes it an ideal tourist destination for tourists looking for unplanned rambles. Lovers of art and literature can visit the famous Book of Kells which is located at Trinity College library. Avid sightseers can enjoy a tour at historic sites like St. Patricks Cathedral and Christ Church Cathedral to learn more about the faith and culture of the Irish people. The city also has an exciting night life and there are several pubs and night clubs where visitors can sit back and enjoy a relaxed evening. If you love exploring, Dublin is the city to visit.


Limerick is located in West Ireland along the River Shannon. Compared to Dublin, Limerick is much smaller but still has a lot to offer both the locals and tourists as well. The city is known for the medieval era attractions like the famous St. John’s Square. One of the city’s recognisable sites is the 13th century King John’s Castle which attracts many tourists from all over the world including Thailand. Nature lovers can enjoy a ramble in scenic parks and gardens which include People’s Park, Curraghchase Forest Park and Coolwater Garden – just to mention a few. Landmarks and points of interest in Limerick include The Treaty Stone, Pery’s Square, Saint Munchin’s Catholic and the Tait Clock.


Also known as the Crystal County, Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland and was founded in 914 A.D. by the Vikings. The city has a rich history that dates back over a thousand years. Parts of the ancient walled core still remain up to date which makes it an ideal destination for history lovers. The Waterford Museum of Treasures holds a number of artefacts and local archaeological finds which tell wonderful stories about the history of the Irish people. Tourists are taken through a guided tour through Waterford treasures which include the famous Reginald’s Tower, Medieval Museum and the Bishop’s Palace. The city of Waterford also hosts a number of exciting festivals which brings a torrent of talented exuberance to the streets which can last for days. Apart from learning about Ireland’s history, tourists can take place in other activities in the city like equestrian riding, golf, greyhound racing and much more.


The city of Kilkenny offers a wealth of visitor experiences and attractions from St. Canice’s Cathedral to Kilkenny Castle and everything in between. Tourists from different countries can visit towering cathedrals, historic buildings and winding slipways all within a culturally and exciting cosmopolitan city. Kilkenny is renowned for its great shopping, fine dining and entertainment. Must-visit destinations in Kilkenny include the Nore Valley Park for nature lovers and the famous Medieval Mile Museum for history enthusiasts.

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