Looking to enrol in English classes in Ireland? If you are a Thai citizen, you will need to apply for a Long Stay D Visa before enrolling for language courses in Ireland. While you are sorting your visa out, here are some of Ireland’s best English Language centres you can consider.

Cork English World

This language school is located opposite St. Finbarre’s Cathedral in Cork City. It was founded in 2011 and continues to be one of the leading language schools in Ireland. The centre is located 5 minutes away from the city centre which makes it very convenient for Thai students living in the city. The classrooms allow in ample natural light and they are fitted with electronic gadgets to help facilitate students learning. The centre also caters for disabled students by providing facilities like access ramps and special disabled toilets. The teachers at the centre are well qualified and all of them hold university degrees and recognised language teaching qualifications.

Atlas Language School

This language school is located in Portobello House in Dublin. The school was founded in 2003, and it is rated as one of the top language schools with excellent facilities. The school has a student nationality mix which allows diversity in the student population. There are a good number of Thai students in the centre enrolled for English classes. The mixed nationality allows students to freely interact with each other allowing then to acquire good communication skills. The centre has a special recommendation for students over 30 years, making it easy for adults to learn in a controlled environment. Facilities at the centre include free WIFI, lounge, computer lab, library, games room, cafeteria, student support desk and much more.

Bridge Mills Galway Language Centre

This language centre was founded in 1987 and is located in the city centre of Galway. This is one of the oldest language centres in Ireland and continues to be one of the language schools with an excellent performance record. The facilities at the schools are designed to cater for students of all ages. The school organises activities which allows students to interact away from the classroom, promoting team work and hands-on activities. The school also offers free assistance for foreign students looking for flats and apartments. In total, there are 10 adult courses offered throughout the year.

Limerick Language Centre

The school is located on a residential side street in Limerick and was founded in 1990. The school is a walking distance from the main shopping area and only takes 5 minutes to get to the centre. Limerick Language Centre provides language level placement tests on the first day of classes to enable them place students into the right classes. The teachers are well qualified to handle students from different nationalities including Thai students. Adult learning courses include one free organised leisure activity per week.

ACET/Cork Language Centre International

This language centre was founded in 1975 in Cork. The school is conveniently placed close to shopping malls and restaurants. Family run since its inception, ACET provides a full social program, programs for adults and a wide choice of accommodation. Special facilities found at the centre include free after-class language learning software, daily press, a student’s kitchen equipped with a fridge and microwave, library and garden. Students with learning difficulty also have special facilities to enable a smooth learning environment.

Swan Training Institute

Swan Training Institute is one of the reputable English language schools located in Dublin. The school has modern classroom facilities which enable quick and easy learning for students. It has 14 comfortable classrooms which are all fitted with state of the art technology which enables a smooth learning environment. All the teachers are qualified and hold university degrees which assure students of quality education. The school enrols students from different nationalities and includes outdoor activities in their courses to allow students learn outside the classroom environment.


This is a medium sized English language school located in the heart of Dublin. The school is constructed in a cosy boutique style which makes it stand out. The teachers offer personalised attention to every student to allow them learn at a pace they are comfortable with. The school has great amenities which include free WIFI, lounge, library and many more. Adult students are offered course schedules which are flexible.

By choosing these top language centres in Ireland, students will not only make the most out of their time but, they will get quality education to ensure they master the English language. Well, if you have a desired language centre in mind, make sure you start your visa application process as early as you can. To make the process hassle-free for yourself, you can use the help of Key Visa Thailand.