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And my story of exiting Thailand for the first time in 8 years I’m not entirely sure how it came to be that I hadn’t left the country in as much as 8 years. I had been extremely fortunate with visa situations and never needed to do a border run but ... Read More
07/05/2016Darren McGarry



Overstay Changes

Changes to the overstay rules for Thai Visa holders - March 2016 As of March 20th, 2016 any foreigner who overstays their visa in the Kingdom of Tahiland for a period of more than 90 days will be banned from re-entering the Kingdom. This rule change is being brought about as part of ... Read More
28/03/2016Darren McGarry


  Understanding the Thailand visa run rules and what to expect on your first visa run   Hopefully, reading this article will mean that you are a little more prepared than I was...   I must admit, I was a little apprehensive the first time, not being able to speak Thai, "what if they asked me ... Read More
12/07/2015Darren McGarry


Your Complete Guide to 90 Day Reporting Online in Thailand If you have been in Thailand for longer than 90 days legally then you already know that every 90 days you must report your ... Read More
28/04/2015Darren McGarry


What documents do I need for a Retirement Visa at ... Read More
22/04/2015Darren McGarry


In a series of moves meant to discourage rampant border-running, the Thai immigration authority enacted new rules, and begun enforcing already extant rules, in 2014 regarding visa on arrival exemption stamps and visa extensions. It has long been a practice of foreigners who wish to extend their legal stay in ... Read More
20/03/2015Darren McGarry


Non Immigrant visa obtained in Pattaya finished Non Immigrant visas awarded to foreigners wishing to convert to a retirement visa has been a service promoted and done by the Jomtien Immigration for nearly 8 years which has now ceased. I have refrained from writing this post ... Read More
10/11/2014Darren McGarry
Australian Married Partner Visa


Key Visa Thailand has been the visa advisers for the Pattaya expats club for 11 years now and it is a role that we are very proud of giving free advice to Pattaya expats who reside in Thailand and also foreigners wishing to reside in Thailand in the ... Read More
27/09/2014Darren McGarry


Find out all the latest Education Visa rules This has been a burning debate by the Thai Immigration for weeks and has now been settled and a new st of visa rules have been established to make it more streamline and better for the Thai Immigration to track people in Thailand ... Read More
01/09/2014Darren McGarry


This is the burning question that is causing sleepless nights for many families especially foreigners working offshore as a soldier, oil and gas worker etc, who tend to work on a rotational basis normally 30 days working and 30 days in Thailand with their family or close friends using Thailand ... Read More
06/08/2014Darren McGarry