My girlfriend/wife is Thai, when can I come back to Thailand?
How can the spouse of a Thai Citizen come to Thailand in the current circumstances?

These are the questions on many people’s lips, especially those who have a partner, spouse and even kids here.

On April 27th, Thailand banned all international passenger flights coming into the country with the exception of Thais returning home. Anyone who was allowed into the country had to undergo strict quarantine regulations at their own cost.

Nobody can deny that Thailand has done an exceptional job of containing and combating the COVID-19 outbreak. However, for foreigners stranded overseas, unable to return to their families here, the strict rules are causing a lot of uncertainty and heartache.

In recent weeks, the Thai government has announced a gradual re-opening of the country and for foreigners preference will be given to those working in the country with a valid work permit, although some allowances may be given to people with a Thai spouse or kids, we are not yet sure how this will work.

If you are married to a Thai citizen or have kids with a Thai citizen but have not yet processed a long term Thai visa, then unfortunately you will be classed as a general tourist, who are currently listed in a later phase of the re opening which may start in August but will be a very gradual process.

Even if you are able to enter Thailand, you need to undergo a 14 day mandatory quarantine at your own expense, starting at around 40,000 THB which is not within everyone’s budget plus there are long waiting lists for the approved quarantine accommodation.

Many foreigners are now in a position where they are separated from their partners and families with no idea when they are going to see them again as restrictions are expected to remain in place for many months to come.

It was mentioned recently that Thailand hopes to launch bilateral agreements with other countries who have successfully contained and reduced the Corona Virus spread for a period of at least 30-60 days. This does not currently include the UK as numbers are still rising.

However, since the reopening of the VFS office in Bangkok, UK visit and settlement visas are being processed as normal and Thai citizens are able to fly to join their partners in the UK.

So, instead of waiting for Thailand to fully reopen its borders, you and your partner can apply for either a visit visa where your partner can stay in the UK for up to 6 months or a settlement visa which enables them to stay permanently.

Key Visa can facilitate your application for a visitor or settlement visa and our Thai staff work with your partner here in Thailand to ensure all the correct documents are supplied and our British Managing Director works with you, the partner overseas to keep you updated and get you reunited with your family as soon as possible.

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