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Top Scenic Locations In Thailand To Visit


Thailand is studded with incredible historical and cultural sites which makes it a popular tourist destination in Asia. The Land of Smiles is also known for its crystal blue beaches, affordable beach front bungalows, great food, thick jungles and top luxury hotels in the world. What's more, the ... Read More
25/07/2017Darren McGarry


Living & working in Thailand can often seem like a dream come true for anyone who visits Thailand on a holiday or extended holiday. But as many expatriates learn each year this dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if work permit regulations or other rules are not followed. All about Work ... Read More
07/07/2017Darren McGarry
Popular International Schools In Thailand For Expat Kids


Expat kids may go through emotional stress that is triggered after they undergo an emotional and physical change such as a relocation overseas. After an international move, some kids from age 10 to 15 may experience a difficulty in adapting to their new environment and if not well ... Read More
13/06/2017Darren McGarry
How Can I Get A Long Stay Visa In Thailand.


Thailand has been consistently ranked among the best countries to live in, whether it’s for business opportunities or for the glorious Thai food or for a generally lower cost of living. Many first-time tourists to the Kingdom of Thailand have harboured thoughts of settling down in ... Read More
12/06/2017Darren McGarry


The Latest Thai Visa Rules for 2017 So far, in 2017 there have not been too many changes to the Thai Visa rules, however some confusion still remains over how many visa exempt entries one is able to receive. Immigrants from the following countries can obtain 2 Visa Exempt entries at a land ... Read More
20/05/2017Darren McGarry
7 Best Reasons For Thai Expats To Write A Will


If you are a Thai expat, you can protect your assets by making a will. Read on to know more about the reasons for writing a last will and testament. As a Thai expat, your domicile status and other matters of residency are some of the things that may ... Read More
25/04/2017Darren McGarry
Have You Seen These Cultural Festivals In Thailand


Whether you are a Thai expat or someone who wants to visit Thailand, you should never miss out on seeing some of the unique cultural festivals that are celebrated in Thailand. How many festivals on this list have you attended? When most people think about Thailand, the first thing ... Read More
07/04/2017Darren McGarry
Popular Dishes That Expats Should Try In Thailand


Living in Thailand means more than just enjoying a tropical climate with pristine beaches and welcoming people – it also means amazing food. Expats, these are some of the top Thai dishes you should not miss! One of the great things about living in Thailand... Read More
24/03/2017Darren McGarry
How Can Expat Retirees Buy Property In Thailand


Buying property in Thailand is often not a straightforward process, especially for expat retirees. Learn about the various options that are open to you as you go about setting roots in the Land of Smiles. Thailand is one of the most beautiful places on earth to retire as an ... Read More
20/02/2017Darren McGarry
Top 7 Hospitals In Chiang Mai For Expats


As an expat, healthcare is one of the important factors that you need to consider when planning your Thai retirement. In Chiang Mai, you are assured of world-class healthcare at affordable prices. Find out about some of the top-notch healthcare facilities available in Chiang Mai for Thai expats now!... Read More
10/02/2017Darren McGarry