If you are a foreigner who is touring Thailand and have decided to extend your travel here, you may need to make a visa run in order to re-enter the Kingdom. You can apply for a one-time visa for Thailand from embassies in various countries around the world, but eventually they will expire. If you are in Thailand and you wish to extend your stay there, it is wise to choose Cambodia for your visa run. Find out why Cambodia visa runs are preferred by many.

Why Make A Cambodia Visa Run?

People either get to Thailand by air and by land. Those who get in by air and don’t have a visa, they get granted a “Visa Exempt” stamp which means that they can stay for 30 days that are non-extendable. Those who get in by land only get granted 15 days. These foreigners have to ensure that before their granted time is over, thy have to make a visa run if they wish to stay longer in Thailand.

The most economical option to a visa run while in Thailand is the Cambodia visa run. This is very convenient for those in the Pattaya and Bangkok area as Cambodia isn’t far away via land transport. One has an option to do a visa run by himself, but it is always easier, quicker and more hassle free to utilise the services of visa run companies in Thailand.

How To Make A Cambodia Visa Run

The visa run starts with a foreigner making a visit to one of the numerous agents representing visa run companies. These agents are very easy to find. If you are not sure where to start, you can simply have the hotel where you are staying to arrange a visa run on your behalf. However, you may have to pay extra for that service. Or, you can directly contact a visa run agent who will charge you much less. A foreigner has the option to book for a luxury visa run which will cost more but offers more comfortable seating and amenities.

What Do You Need Before You Make A Visa Run To Cambodia?

Once you identify an agent that you will work with, he or she will let you know where and when you will be picked up. Before meeting, always ensure that you have your passport with you and bring two passport photos. The agent will provide a means of transport either from their offices or from the agreed pickup point to the Cambodian border. The minibuses used are fitted with comfortable seats and they are all modern and clean.

How many passengers you are in bus will depend on whether the season is at peak or not. It is best to work with a visa run agent who has a good reputation since that means that they always have enough clients to transport. You will not have to wait until there are more foreigners who need visa runs. The agent will let you know the collection time which you must adhere to. Cambodia visa runs start at 06.00.It is best to be early at the point of collection so that you can have the luxury of choosing the best seats in the minibus.

What Happens On Collection Day?

On collection day, you will be asked to hand over your passport , a receipt from the Cambodia visa run agent, two passport photos, and a photocopy of your passport. The road leading to Cambodia is comfortable and safe. After two hours into your journey, there will be a short stop so that passengers can use the toilet, have a quick drink or snack, or smoke. Facilities available are designed for people who make visa runs so they have all the necessary items needed.

Once you get to the Cambodian border, you will have to leave the bus and walk through the immigration. From here, your agent will pick your passport and go process your visa as you wait. In the meantime you can have lunch or any other activity. Once the paperwork is done, the agent will return your documents and you have to cross over the border again back to the Thai side. Your visa will be stamped and you go back to the minibus and get transported to your destination.

At Key Visa Thailand, we have helped with many successful Cambodia visa runs for our clients, some who have made more than one visa run. We only charge a reasonable amount for this service. We know what is required to ensure a smooth visa run therefore, we ensure that our clients’ papers get processed fast. We will take care of your transportation and ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the process.

To learn more about Cambodia visa run, contact one of our agents today!