Australian Civil Partnership Visa

Australian Civil Partnership Visa

Civil partnership between Australian and Thai National

Persons in same-sex relationships can also apply for an Australian settlement visa. Known as a civil partnership visa, this document confers the same rights as a settlement visa for a different-sex marital relationship. As in many countries you can now enter into a civil partnership in Australia and live as any other married couple with no legal prejudice and all the same protections afforded to you buy law.

At Key Visa Thailand we are very well known for dealing with lesbian, transsexual, gay and bisexual relationships relationships that give other, less well versed, companies difficulty. Some of our colleagues feel it is not possible for an LGBT couple to obtain a settlement visa to Australia – this is simply not correct. As a legitimate partnership you have the same rights as any other applicants wishing to go to Australia for a holiday or migration, regardless of romantic preference.

It is always advisable to let your Thai partner visit Australia before applying for a visa. This is for a few reasons, including experiencing the differences in culture and letting the embassy officers see that your Thai partner has met your family in Australia and returned to Thailand on time. This demonstrates that they are genuine and that your intention to form a civil partnership are sincere, not manufactured. With same sex relationships it is majorly important to show a long-standing, substantial and genuine relationship to give the Australian Embassy clearing officer the strong impression that there is no hidden agenda.

At Key Visa we can help you obtain a civil partnership visa and ensure that it is accepted with no hassle whatsoever. We will guide both you as the Australian sponsor and also your Thai partner through the whole process.

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