The Australian Visa Application Center VFS Bangkok

Submit your visa at VFS Global – Not the Australian Embassy

After years of a change a number of our clients who wish to submit a visa application to Australia seem to think that it is submitted at the Australian Embassy Bangkok which is not correct and has not been the case for many years and there system of accepting a visa application and distributing is second to none they are very efficient and very helpful and for many years I have had the up most respect for their systems and because of the efficiency of the VFS Global is why the UK Home Office and British Embassy Bangkok changed there systems.

It was all introduced in Thailand due to efficiency and the volume of applications and security reasons the Australian Embassy in Bangkok decided to use the services of the outreach partner and this was to use the (VFS Global) which is a visa application centre and they are specialists in checking documents and taking the visa application from the client and giving back the documents and passport once the decision has been made by the Embassy and please be aware the VFS Global is not there to make visa decisions.

On a daily basis they are not expected to give advice they expect the application to be in a good condition before submitting and there office is located away from the Australian Embassy and there task on a daily basis is to receive the documents and give them back to the applicant after the visa has been awarded or declined.

There website address is

Official Australian VFS Website

So the way to deal with an Australian visa application and the way we submit is to do the following

  • Complete your visa application form which is either a tourist visa called a 48R THA or a settlement visa 40SP and 47SP and take them to the VFS Global office in Bangkok
  • You than get the documents checked by the VFS Global staff and they accept the visa application from you.
  • You or we are given a receipt from the VFS which shows how much was paid and also a unique submission tracking number.
  • Your partner leaves the VFS and then on the VFS website they have a tracking facility where you can keep tracking your application
  • When the application is ready there will be a note on the website stating the passport and documents are ready for collection at the Australian Visa application centre and you take the original receipt and your partners ID card and collect the documents and passport and hopefully the visa in the passport.

Whilst the application is submitted in the Australian Embassy then there is a good chance that the visa clearing officer may contact your partner to confirm some details so make sure your partner has been coached on what questions may be asked. As you can see above is the easy part and can be a mine field which is why you need to use a good reputable visa services and Key Visa Companies job is to take your partner through the full procedure so send us an e-mail at [email protected] and let’s start working together.

The Australian Visa Application Center VFS Bangkok