Australian Provisional Marriage Visa

Australia Fiancee Visa – Prospective marriage visa subclass 309

This visa is a 9 month visa and term ‘fiancee visa’ is used frequently, the real name is a prospective marriage visa, it means that your intention is to marry your Thai partner in Australia within a 9 month period, she will then be given a temporary residence permit or in some cases a permanent residence permit.

During the time of the residence permit, roughly within 2 years you will be both be called for an interview to ascertain if the relationship is still viable and that the Thai applicant has never been a burden to the Australian Government in any shape or form, if everything is fine then your wife will be given a permanent residence permit. These visa types are multiple entry and allow visits to Thailand for holidays so you are not required to solely stay in Australia.

After you are married and your wife receives her temporary residence permit she is able to work and it will be beneficial for her to pay some kind of tax over a period of time which will make getting the permanent residence permit much easier. Getting your wife firmly established into an Australian lifestyle is very important for her welfare and her future Immigration status. Check out our articles about Life in Australia for Thais and relocating to Australia.

A fiancée visa – Provisional marriage visa to Australia would normally follow a tourist visa when the relationship has flourished and you both decide you wish to get married. Obviously the Australian Immigration authorities will be able to see that the Thai applicant has visited Australia previously and returned on time and has had the opportunity to meet your family and experience the Australian lifestyle.

couple with australian fiancee visa
couple getting married in Australia

A fiancée visa – Provisional marriage visa is normally applied for when the Australian sponsor has busy working commitments and cannot travel to Thailand to get married and he feels that marriage with his family will be more enjoyable in Australia. This visa can be applied for in Thailand and the sponsor does not have to be in Thailand for the application to be submitted and processed. Please check out our guide to helping your Thai wife settle in Australia

Australian Official Government Site Applications forms

A fiancée visa or provisional marriage visa application is very difficult and should not be under estimated it is majorly difficult for the Thai applicant to complete their 90 question application form alone and because most sponsors cannot read Thai then it is nearly impossible to complete.

Included in the application is certified translations, sponsorship and intention of stay documents, police criminal checks and medicals done by accredited physicians.

To attempt a fiancée – provisional marriage or marriage visa without professional help would be a nightmare, because when the Thai applicant has finally managed to submit the documentation then they are called for a 2 hour grueling interview. Without professional interview training there are so many pitfalls because you both have no idea of the questions that may be asked and this is the main reason for a refusal that we see on a daily basis.

Professional service offered for a provisional marriage visa

  • Work with the Thai applicant on there side of the paperwork ensuring it will be successful and accepted by the Embassy.
  • Work with the sponsor and e-mailing him the documents required and our English Immigration consultants there for guidance.
  • Translate all of the Thai applicants documents and certify in to English.
  • Complete the sponsorship and intention of stay letters.
  • Prepare all the documentation and complete the two application forms.
  • Professionally present the application ready for the clearing officers.
  • Take the applicant to Bangkok for the Police Clearance check.
  • Collect the certificate when it is ready.
  • Make the hospital appointment for the associated medicals.
  • Take the Thai applicant to an accredited doctor for the associated medicals.
  • Submit the application on behalf of the client to the Embassy in Bangkok.
  • Airport Concierge for solo travellers (extra charges apply)

Our professional fee includes the following 

Translations, Medical, Police Check etc. and no increase in the quoted price unless their are children included in the visa application from your wife’s previous relationships then there is an increase in the Embassy fees that will need to be paid which can be discussed.

How you start the process

You only pay a 10,000 baht deposit to start the process and then when the application is ready for submission you are asked to pay the Embassy fee which is currently 180,400 baht. So when the visa has been awarded you pay our professional fee 50,000 Thai baht remaining balance , nothing more and nothing less. No visa – no professional fee!

What we do not pay for

It must be noted that if your Thai partner has children from previous relationships they will also need body medicals even if not traveling and if they are over 15 years of age a Police check also, if the children are not traveling then the client must pay for the child’s medicals etc separate as we pay for the applicant in our fees only.

We don’t get paid our professional fees until you get the visa!! Which we feel should give you the confidence in our ability.

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Australian fiancee visa

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