Australian Married Partner Visa

Australia Married – Partner Visa subclass 309

This visa is commonly known as a Marriage or partner visa but the correct terminology is a partner visa subclass 309. This visa application states that you and your Thai partner are already married in Thailand and you wish to live in Australia together.

When this visa is awarded it is now an indefinite resident permit and does not have an expiration date. Within a two year period of the issuance of the visa the man and wife will be called for an interview by the Australian Immigration office. If the office feels that the relationship is still genuine everything will be fine. Getting your wife fixed firmly into the Australian lifestyle is very important for her welfare and her future Immigration status .

Your wife can work in Australia, which is a benefit to you both, and you should make sure her employment is legitimate and taxed.

An Australian marriage visa application is extremely difficult and should be controlled from Thailand. It is very difficult to control from Australia as the application has to be submitted in Thailand and the applicant’s interview is held in Thailand and conducted in the Thai and English languages. So, steer clear of services in Australia. The application and interview training for the applicant is nearly impossible from Australia unless the applicant is prepared to jump on a plane at a moment’s notice.

At Key Visa we make you a promise of “no visa – no professional fee” so if you don’t get your visa, we don’t get paid. There is no financial risk for you when you choose our services.


Marriage /partner visas stages have to be structured from start to finish to make sure that the paperwork is submitted in a professional way and that the Thai applicant is properly prepared for their interview. Please remember: One mistake on an application form in the interview can end in disaster. Those are very expensive mistakes to make.

While the visa application is controlled from Thailand, the husband is not needed in Thailand for the application to be processed. With our help the visa can be issued whilst the sponsor is in Australia. Also due to the long processing time of the visa application, once submitted your Thai wife can apply for a tourist visa to cut down on the time that you are apart from each other.

Professionally prepared and submitted documentation is the key to seamless application acceptance, and the professional interview preparation and embassy escort Key Visa provides is imperative to ensure a visa is awarded.


Service offered for a marriage visa application

  • Work with the Thai applicant on their side of the paperwork, ensuring it will be accepted by the embassy.
  • Work with the sponsor, relaying documents and providing English immigration consultation.
  • Translate all of the Thai applicant's documents and certificates into English.
  • Complete the sponsorship and intention of stay letters.
  • Prepare all documentation and complete the application forms 47sp and 40sp.
  • Organize the Thai Police Clearance Check.
  • Submit the application on behalf of the client to the embassy in Bangkok.
  • Make the hospital appointment for the necessary medical exams.
  • Take the Thai applicant to an accredited doctor for the necessary medical exams.
  • Professionally train the applicant for the interview.
  • Escort the Thai applicant for the interview process.
  • Collect the passport and documentation when the decision has been made.
  • During the full process we keep the sponsor up to date on all developments.
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Included in our fee are all costs incurred during the visa application, including the embassy fee, currently 180,400 baht. Translations, medicals, police checks, etc, do not increase our fee. If the wife has children from a previous relationship and they are included in the process, this will increase the embassy fee. Yes, we pass that fee on to you.

Our professional fee includes the following

Translations, medical examinations, police check, document preparation, submission, collection, helping your Thai wife through the full process.

How you start the process

You only pay a 5,000 baht deposit to start the process and when the visa is ready for submission you will pay the Embassy fee required which is currently 180,400 baht. When the visa has been awarded you pay our professional fee 55,000 Thai baht remaining balance, nothing more and nothing less. No visa then no professional fee.

What we do not pay for

It must be noted that if your Thai partner has children from previous relationships they will also need medical exams, even if not traveling to Australia. If they are over 15 years of age a police check will also be required. If the children are not traveling then the client must pay for any child’s medicals, etc, separately as our fees only cover the applicant.

As you may gather from the above, if your application is unsuccessful then we don’t get paid our professional fees. We take this risk every day so that you don’t have to. How can we do that? Because we are completely confident in our abilities – and you can be, too.

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Australian marriage visa

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