Medical required for taking your child to Australia

Australian fiancée and settlement visas can be very difficult without adding salt to the wounds but I would just like to inform you that if you are currently or thinking of applying for your Thai partner, girlfriend or spouse to Australia on a settlement visa the process works like this you submit your completed visa application first and pay the huge Embassy fee and then your Thai partner will be called for a medical.

Please be aware that if your Thai partner has children then you will have to obtain passports for them and they will also have to have a body medical even if they are not travelling to Australia now or in the future.

I am writing this because I want clients to be aware that if you are considering applying for an Australian settlement visa then make sure your partner has access to the children and taking them for a medical will not be a problem because from experience what we have found is the Australian Embassy will not accept any reasons for the child/children not to have the body medical and if it cannot be done then they have the right to refuse your visa application and when the Embassy fee is currently approaching 70,000 baht then it is a huge amount of money to lose.

Australian Official Government Site Applications forms

We have seen numerous different reasons why the Thai applicant cannot get access to the child/children be it a jealous ex partner or problems with the family or it could be that your Thai partner has had no contact with the child for a long period of time it could be for many different circumstances.

So make sure your Thai partner can get access to the children first before applying.