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Document Translation

Do you need documents translating from Thai to English or vice versa? We offer a full translation service.

British Embassy Services

Key Visa can carry out most British Embassy services for you without travelling to Bangkok, including notary services.

British Embassy Pension Letters

Get a proof of income letter for your visa without travelling to Bangkok.

UK Passport For Child

Obtain your child’s first British passport in Thailand. Key Visa can handle all the of paperwork.

Irish Passport Renewal

Key Visa is one of the few companies in Thailand who can renew your Irish passport on your behalf.

Legal Marriage Service

Get legally married in Thailand, avoid all the paperwork and just enjoy your day with help from us.

British Passport Renewal

Renew your British passport without all the stress and hassle of travelling to Bangkok.

Last Will & Testament

Making a will is important, don’t leave anything to chance and make sure your loved ones don’t lose out!

Cambodia Visa Runs

At Key Visa Company we have been helping clients extend their visa in Cambodia for many years which has given us a lot of experience when dealing with foreign passports. Book your visa run online.

Laos Visa Runs

Most foreigners now choose to travel to Vientiane in Laos were they visit the Thai consulate to obtain a longer stay visa which with help can be a fairly hassle free service. Book your visa run online.

Find Your Nearest Immigration Office

Find your nearest Thai immigration office for visa extensions and 90 day reports using the most comprehensive list of immigration offices available.

Proof Of Life Document

The British Government or indeed your pension provider may periodically ask you to provide a ‘proof of life certificate‘ to prove that you are still alive and entitled to continue receiving your pension.