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Visa Runs to Laos

When a foreigner comes to Thailand on a standard 30 day visa most of them find themselves in a position where they are wishing to stay for longer periods of time i.e. 6 months or they wish to obtain a Non Immigrant B visa for work or a Non Immigrant O visa for a marriage visa which can only be obtained from a Thai consulate outside of Thailand.

Most foreigners now choose to travel to Vientiane in Laos were they visit the Thai consulate to obtain a longer stay visa which with help can be a fairly hassle free service but my advice is you are always better going with a professionally run company who can check your documents before you travel and make sure you don’t travel a long way to return with the wrong visa and also it is better to be ‘babysat’ than to go all that way blind.

At Key Visa company we help clients with a professional service to Laos with English speaking staff on the minibus who organise all your documents and application forms and they deal with the consulate for you. They also book your hotel and do everything for you with no hassle and due to them travelling weekly, the staff have experience with the process that is second to none.

I will explain to you how it would work if you wished to use our services.

  • You would be picked up from your place of residence in the evening at approximately 6.00pm on an agreed date.
  • Then you would travel through the night and transfer in to Laos in the following morning on our comfortable minibus
  • You would then visit the Thai consulate with the staff and put in your visa application before the cut off time of 12.30pm, the staff would prepare all of the relevant documents for you.
  • You are then taken to your pre-booked hotel and you would then stay only one night in Laos, the staff also stay in Laos to take care of you.
  • The following morning our staff take you back to the Thai consulate to pick up your passport and travel back to Thailand. You arrive back in Pattaya at approximately 9.00pm.
  • The trip is not expensive and hassle free.

The different visa types make the costing of the trip different so please contact the office on 038 422 131 or send an e­mail to [email protected] and we can answer all of your questions and give you a quote for the trip.

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