Pension Letters for Brits

Pension Letters

British Consulates in many Thai regions have closed or are closing, causing distress to many people who require Income verification letters for their long stay visas. People are understandably reluctant to go all the way to Bangkok for their pension letter filing as the service has been available locally for so long.


Well, guess what: You don’t have to go to Bangkok!

Even now the British Embassy has introduced a new appointment system our service has not changed we have authority from the British Embassy!!!!!

We have been given permission to obtain our clients’ income letters from the British Embassy Bangkok on their behalf without them having to travel a single step.

If you live away from Pattaya you can e-mail the documents required to [email protected] and we can obtain your letter and send it recorded post for an additional 100 baht. The fee can be deposited in our company bank so there’s no need to travel to Pattaya.

Key Visa can help to make your interaction with the British Embassy as easy as possible. Whether you live in Pattaya or farther afield, contact us for more information on Pension letters for British Expats.

How our services work:

  • We take the income letter information to the Embassy every Monday morning and collect the finished income letters and Embassy receipt on a Thursday morning. These can later be collected from our office on that Thursday afternoon, so we ask you to bring your information before 5 pm every Friday.
  • Please come to my office with your original passport original or a copy of the face page and copies of income information any day Monday to Friday and I, myself, will check the documents.
  • We will fill in the income information sheet and make it ready to supply to the Embassy in Bangkok with your documents supporting documentation.
  • You pay for the Income letter fee which is total of 3,500 baht fee when you come to the office and order the letter.
  • We then take all the information to the consulate for you on a Monday morning and collect on a Thursday morning depending on Embassy holidays.
  • We then contact you to collect your letter via e-mail or text message. No lag, no downtime.

Please note that only copies of the documents are required when you come to my office

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Pension Letters

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