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Best UK English Language Centers For Thai Students


English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. As a Thai student, if you are looking to study in the first world countries like the US or the UK, you will need to choose from the best universities and language centres that foster a great study ... Read More
12/02/2018Darren McGarry
How To Get An Income Verification Letter From The British Embassy


An income verification letter is often required by banks when you are applying for a retirement visa or making a major purchase on credit. This will also serve as proof of employment in many types of cases. Wonder how you can get an income verification ... Read More
30/11/2017Darren McGarry


Being refused a UK visa both UK tourist and UK settlement is a heart wrenching thing and most people tend to take it personally and start shouting at the Embassy or sending unwelcome e-mails because they do not agree with the decision that has been given by the ... Read More
13/11/2014Darren McGarry


Q, Can a UK Tourist visa be granted to a Thai lady who worked in a Bar? A, The answer is yes of course a UK tourist visa for a Thai national is open to all applicants as long as they have the correct ... Read More
13/11/2014Darren McGarry


How to prepare your visa application to the UK This page is designed to give tips on a visa to the UK which is trying to advise you of constant mistakes that are made when applying for a UK visa application so do not make mistakes ... Read More
13/11/2014Darren McGarry
UK- Ireland visa


UK- Ireland visa deal announced but not for Thai’s The Home Secretary today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Republic of Ireland to ... Read More
29/10/2014Darren McGarry
contact information


Australian and UK visa contact information Some people like to disagree but after 14 years of experience the most important part of a visa application to Australia or the UK is the ... Read More
21/10/2014Darren McGarry


Refused our second UK tourist visa? You will not be aware but this is a very common occurrence in the UK visa business and sometimes obtaining the second, third UK tourist visa for your Thai girlfriend can be more difficult than the first one,... Read More
15/10/2014Darren McGarry


  Refused UK tourist visa for Thai girlfriend This is probably one of the most common things we see daily from clients who have attempted the visa to the UK themselves or used another visa establishment with no experience and lack of knowledge with the presentation of a ... Read More
08/10/2014Darren McGarry
English test


UK settlement visa KET A1 English test The UKBA or the United Kingdom Border Agency seem to keep piling on the misery for Thai applicants requiring a UK settlement visa adding stress and pressure to both the Thai applicant and the UK husband awaiting his ... Read More
01/10/2014Darren McGarry

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